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Jump Castle Rentals Charleston: WAYNE WYNDHAM GEYER Reviews

Last updated Sunday, September 11, 2011 16:38 ET

Wayne Wyndham Geyer has just released a review of the top Jump Castle Rental Services in Charleston

Charleston , USA, 09/11/2011 / SubmitMyPR /

WAYNE WYNDHAM GEYER Review: Jump Castle Rental Charleston

Wayne Wyndham Geyer has just released a review of the top Jump Castle Rental Services in Charleston SC. Mr. Giggles Bouncing Castles has topped the list of affordable and reliable jump castles service providers in the Charleston SC market.

Rent A Jump Castle

Mr. Giggles offers the very best in jump castle rental, water slide rental, cotton candy machines, combo jump castle rental, and snow cone machine rentals in Charleston South Caroline. The jump castles offered through Mr. Giggles are all brand new and come with an on time delivery money back guarantee. All jump castles feature an inflated front entrance design to safely allow children in and out of the units.

Mr. Giggles also offers free delivery and pick up throughout the Charleston South Carolina area. Reviews and customer service rating for Mr. Giggles Jump Castles are in the top of all competitors for the Charleston market. In the month of August the company reported that they were on time for 100% of all scheduled events. Lee commented that they’re most proud of their on-time delivery ranking especially since the Charleston Jump Castles market is one of the largest in the country.

Rent A Water Slide

Mr. Giggles Jump Castles received the highest quality score due to the fact all of the units are design to accommodate children with special needs. The inventory offered through Mr. Giggles Jump Castles is brand new and the company carries over $2 million of liability insurance.

Jump Castle Rentals remain the most request item offered at Mr. Giggles but the water slides are definitely in high demand due to warm temperatures in Charleston. If you would like to reserve a jump castle or waterslide for an upcoming event then please visit http://www.MrGigglesCastles.com