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Largest Fitness & Amenity Provider Celebrates 10th Birthday and Over 1M Products

Last updated Sunday, November 6, 2011 17:55 ET

Wilkins Fitness Enterprises has added its 300th product line allowing this solutions oriented, health and recreation company to offer over one million products.

Mount Pleasant, USA, 11/06/2011 / SubmitMyPR /

Just in time for its 10th Birthday Celebration, Wilkins Fitness Enterprises has added its 300th product line partner for its national distribution. This, in addition to its hundreds of service partnerships allows this solutions oriented, health, wellness and recreation company to offer over one million products at wholesale pricing. Additionally, it officially cements Wilkins Fitness Enterprises as the largest health, fitness, recreation and amenity distribution company in the United States.

With Consultants, Sales Management and Commercial Solution Providers in 48 states, combined with the LARGEST service network in the USA, WFE is poised to continue its aggressive expansion. Posting record breaking Q1, Q2, and Q3 in 2011, this privately traded company continues to evolve as a one-stop resource and the desired entry point for new and unique products to go-to-market. The premiere W-lines, offer the best warranties in the fitness industry with a bumper to bumper 5 years on parts (except frames and motors which may be Lifetime!) and 5 years on labor, continues to delight customers with this "worry free” warranty.

However, observers agree that the largest contributor to this their phenomenal growth is the total diversification of their product offerings to include anything their existing customers may purchase at wholesale pricing.

“It is such an honor to be able to help so many different types of businesses, in so many ways. In the past, you had to contact 10 different places to do what we are able to provide with one point of contact.” said Vice President Sales, Bradford Wilkins.

Chairman Ron Wilkins continued, “In the age of the internet, that face-to-face understanding of a business’ needs and aspirations has been lost. We strive to never recommend something that isn’t a great fit – and with a million products we usually have lots of options to make sure that we keep that promise.”

CEO Dan Wilkins elaborated “In the past, when you went to a fitness company they had three to five treadmills to offer you. We have 61 treadmill options that can be narrowed based on what the goals of the facility. We offer everything someone might need to put together a state of the art fitness center including floors, mirrors, sound, even the disinfectant cleaners. Plus, we can assist with so many other areas including the pool, the playground, the game room, or even the carpeting in the rest of a facility.”

The highly rated Wilkins Fitness Enterprises Academy, is where a new generation of experienced sales professionals (including former senior management of Fortune 100 companies, business owners and leaders of various other industries) come together to prepare for what is referred to internally as the 2012.5 Sales Era. With a unique vocabulary (the corporate glossary is four pages long including phrases such as "Ran Q. Pop", "SACFAC" and "The Mangos"), and an internal mission "To help those we work with get promotions and raises," the company continues to challenge the way the industry has done business for the past 35 years.

"While providing a solution customized for each facility is fantastic," VP of Service Barry Wilkins adds, “Providing the right product is only a piece of the equation. With the largest service network in North America, we can service nearly any brand of fitness equipment, playground, or pool. With our 24 hour guaranteed response time, we demonstrate our commitment to making sure our customers' customers are served.”

In the past year, WFE has seen its Chairman Ronald J. Wilkins elected as the Chair of the Fitness Industry Dealer's Association and appointed to numerous other Boards in the industry. Additionally, internal promotions have seen a new Vice President of Sales (Bradford Wilkins) and Director of Sales (John Ward) and continued growth of the sales force to meet the needs of a growing group of customers. Serving schools, professional sports teams, medical groups, gyms, hotels, multi-family housing and more, Wilkins seems well positioned to continue its growth in 2012 adding additional team members and management in several geographic regions.

About Wilkins Fitness
Wilkins Fitness Enterprises is the largest amenity distribution company in the USA, based in Mount Pleasant, SC with managers and service technicians in 48 states.

Wilkins Fitness Solutions, a founding member of the Fitness Industry Dealers Association, is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and unparalleled choice, quality manufacturing and service.

We now manufacture and supply: innovative entertainment solutions to enhance and broaden your facility's appeal, as well as state-of-the-art products and services for everything from pools to playgrounds; basketball gymnasiums to stadiums; karate dojos to yoga studios.

Additionally, we carry a wide selection of commercial offerings for hospital, medical, rehab, PT, chiropractic, massage, tanning equipment and thousands of quality accessories.
For more information contact Charles Lemieux, Director of Communications at [email protected] or call 888-460-4050 to locate a Wilkins' Commercial Manager near you.