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South Florida Diamond Pawn Announces Diamond Prices are Close to All-time High

Last updated Wednesday, November 9, 2011 09:56 ET

Davie Jewelry & Pawn, a South Florida diamond buyer, is pleased to announce that diamond prices are close to an all-time high.

Davie, USA, 11/09/2011 / SubmitMyPR /

Anyone interested in trading in, Selling or pawning their diamonds can do so by easily visiting the South Florida Diamond Pawn at Davie Jewelry & Pawn, located at 6349 Stirling Rd, Davie, Florida 33314, where we make it very simple -Come in with your diamonds, our in-house GIA Certified Gemologist & Lab will analyze your diamonds, and make you an offer. If you like the offer, we will give you immediate cash.

Davie Jewelry & Pawn offers top prices on Diamond Jewelry, Diamond Engagement Ring Pawn, Loose Diamond Pawn, Diamond Earring Pawn, Diamond Pawn and more. Some types of Diamonds that you can bring in are 1CT Diamond Pawn, 2CT Diamond Pawn, 3CT Diamond Pawn, 4CT Diamond Pawn, 5CT Diamond Pawn, 6CT Diamond Pawn, 7CT Diamond Pawn, 8CT Diamond Pawn, 9CT Diamond Pawn and 10CT Diamond Pawn.

Additional types and colors of Diamond Pawn includes Yellow Diamond Pawn, Cushion Cut Diamond Pawn, Princess Cut Diamond Pawn, Round Cut Diamond Pawn, Pear Cut Diamond Pawn, Emerald Cut Diamond Pawn, Marquise Cut Diamond Pawn, Radiant Cut Diamond Pawn and more.

Davie Jewelry & Buying offers top prices on Diamond Jewelry, Diamond Engagement Ring Buying, Loose Diamond Buying, Diamond Earring Buying, Diamond Buying and more. Some types of Diamonds that you can bring in are 1CT Diamond Buying, 2CT Diamond Buying, 3CT Diamond Buying, 4CT Diamond Buying, 5CT Diamond Buying, 6CT Diamond Buying, 7CT Diamond Buying, 8CT Diamond Buying, 9CT Diamond Buying and 10CT Diamond Buying.

Additional types and colors of Diamond Buying includes Yellow Diamond Buying, Cushion Cut Diamond Buying, Princess Cut Diamond Buying, Round Cut Diamond Buying, Pear Cut Diamond Buying, Emerald Cut Diamond Buying, Marquise Cut Diamond Buying, Radiant Cut Diamond Buying and more.

Davie Jewelry & Selling offers top prices on Diamond Jewelry, Diamond Engagement Ring Selling, Loose Diamond Selling, Diamond Earring Selling, Diamond Selling and more. Some types of Diamonds that you can bring in are 1CT Diamond Selling, 2CT Diamond Selling, 3CT Diamond Selling, 4CT Diamond Selling, 5CT Diamond Selling, 6CT Diamond Selling, 7CT Diamond Selling, 8CT Diamond Selling, 9CT Diamond Selling and 10CT Diamond Selling.

Additional types and colors of Diamond Selling includes Yellow Diamond Selling, Cushion Cut Diamond Selling, Princess Cut Diamond Selling, Round Cut Diamond Selling, Pear Cut Diamond Selling, Emerald Cut Diamond Selling, Marquise Cut Diamond Selling, Radiant Cut Diamond Selling and more.

For more information, please visit http://www.southfloridajeweler.com.

About Davie Jewelry & Pawn
Opening our doors in 1979, Davie Jewelry & Pawn rapidly established itself as a different type of Collateralized Loan & Pawn. Our location in Davie, Florida is consistently rated one of the nicest in South Florida. With a large inventory of quality merchandise and a solid reputation for good prices, Davie Jewelry & Pawn is a comfortable, customer-friendly business where people are always made to feel welcome.

Our reputation has always been based on trust. We work to give our customers the fairest value on their items, as we have an in-house GIA Certified Gemologist & Lab, with the knowledge and experience over 30 years to give you the best options available. You can trust Davie Jewelry & Pawn as thousands of customers have through the years.

At Davie Jewelry & Pawn we also offer expert Jewelry & Watch repair performed on our premises by our in-house Jeweler, from ring sizing to chain soldering, complete restoration, custom design and fabrication and more.

With approximately 2,000 square feet of nicely appointed retail space, Davie Jewelry & Pawn is one of South Florida's largest Collateralized Loan & Pawn. Our inventory of Jewelry, Watches & Collectibles is one of the largest as well. On top of that, all of our merchandise is 100% guaranteed! Davie Jewelry & Pawn is fully Bonded & Insured.