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EasyAgreements.com Announces Blog Series for Power of Attorney forms online

Last updated Thursday, March 22, 2012 17:19 ET

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One of the most important decisions a person can make is whether or not someone will be able to legally act on their behalf and the Power of Attorney form is in direct response to that need thereof. This might sound simple in principle, but the reality is a lot different. For those who have never investigated the options available to a person looking for the right online forms to give someone power of attorney, the number of options and circumstances best suited to each form are staggering. As such, there are myriad opportunities to choose the wrong document. Because of the large influx of inquiries regarding this matter, EasyAgreements.com is running a series dedicated to helping people determine which power of attorney form is most relevant to their needs.

"It seemed like the easiest and most helpful way for us to address the issue," said one member of the EasyAgreements.com blog team. "Rather than answer this question each time it comes up, which happens to be a lot, we thought it would serve our customers and the public at large far better to have a reference point which would address the majority of questions surrounding these kinds of online documents."

EasyAgreements.com recently celebrated their 50th blog post and business has been continuing its upward trajectory as a direct result. A struggling economy has generated growing interest in the company's services as more and more people try to find ways of cutting costs. Part of the team's strategy for its blog work is to provide an open floor for customers and the public to ask questions regarding specific online documents. In addition to providing a more entertaining and engaging venue for actually learning a bit about each document itself, the blog team strives to provide a more personalized experience for those visiting the site.

The series is going to start with a post on the benefits and circumstances best suited to Limited Power of Attorney forms and conclude with an entry on Revocation of Power of Attorney forms. The other forms discussed between the two will include Durable Limited Power of Attorney, Unlimited Power of Attorney, and Durable Unlimited Power of Attorney.

"Really, it has been something we have tossed around for awhile and finally decided, 'Why put it off? A lot of people could really use something like this,'" said another blog team member. "There was a lot of discussion on the popularity and importance of Power of Attorney forms. We had a great concern as to how we were going to handle such an enormous topic, but in the end we decided the best way to do it was to make a series out of it."

EasyAgreements.com and its blog team plan on doing further series on their most popular online forms like Power of Attorney online forms, but as it stands now, the team is staying tight-lipped, stating that future topics are currently being reviewed for consideration and sequence. They did hint that depending on how well received the series is, it may become a regular part of the blog's ongoing content, but stressed that they did not want to get ahead of themselves.

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