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Non-Profit is proudly announcing their 1st Annual “Rent Raffle!”

Last updated Wednesday, May 23, 2012 16:35 ET

“One Year of Rent/Mortgage Payments!”

05/23/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Illinois Blessing NFP is proud to announce their 1st Annual “Rent Raffle!” Starting June 18, 2012, Illinois Blessing NFP will begin selling $20.00 raffle tickets to individuals and one raffle ticket buyer will have the possibility of being awarded the prize of “One Year of Rent or Mortgage Payments!” Ticket can be purchased at Illinois Blessing NFP's website or via mail request.

The fundraiser net proceeds will benefit families struggling to make ends meet during this difficult time of economic crisis. Illinois Blessing NFP hopes to encourage enough people to purchase tickets for this exciting raffle not only to aid in the achievement of the organization's goal, but help change some very disturbing statistics (1.2 million Illinois’ residents and more across the nation has become homeless in 2010, according to MSNBC & a Foreclosure News article.)

Ultimately, people need hope for the future to keep on going every day—to keep living life, and face each struggle that comes their way. Illinois Blessing NFP realizes this and they aim to create funds, to those in need in order to instill that sense of hope in them.

The winning raffle ticket will be drawn at a live benefit concert event on September 1, 2012 and Illinois Blessing NFP welcomes you to join them live for door prizes and to experience this fun event! A special guest will pull the winning raffle ticket!

The live event will include a featured guest Jazz Saxophonist, D-Erania, “The Essence of Sound – Donella Stampley”- who is a soulful jazz presence in the Chicagoland area. This event will show in a meaningful ways how Illinois Blessing NFP really cares about struggling families.

For information about Illinois Blessing NFP 1st Annual “Rent Raffle” and to learn more about the raffle’s rules and regulations, please visit www.illinoisblessing.org.

Illinois Blessing NFP is a 501(c)3 organization who exists for the sole purpose of helping real people in their daily lives. Illinois Blessing NFP aims to strengthen individuals and families suffering economically with hopes to get their needs met and, in turn, create a more livable existence and a better quality of living for those in genuine need.

Marie Portis
President, Illinois Blessing NFP
(630) 739-2254 | Fax: (630) 537-7810

There is hope, and purchasing a ticket to the organizations “Rent Raffle!” event, which will additionally include a featured guest band, D-Erania, “The essence of sound – Donella Stampley” is a meaningful way to show those less fortunate, “We care,” so purchase a ticket to this philanthropic and fun event for your chance to win an entire year of rent/mortgage payments and listen to a brilliant music of D-Erania!