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Ebooks Website Examines Companies Who Need to Pay Back Taxes

Last updated Friday, May 25, 2012 14:54 ET

GraceForms.com Blog Entry tackles Back Tax Help for Big Business

Mission Viejo, US, 05/25/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

GraceForms.com, an online do it yourself website that offers online reference guides and ebook downloads, announced today that it would be devoting an entry on the company’s official blog and would be covering some high profile companies and figures who have failed to pay back taxes. The website which handles online forms and ebook guides covering back tax help, scholarship help, grant guides, and adoption forms is known for its brevity for utilizing major news stories to further the public’s perception regarding do it yourself forms.

“We know how frustrating and confusing it is for those consumers who owe back taxes to the IRS. When we saw the story about Berkshire Hathaway, we realized the opportunity of using major corporations own back tax issues and IRS woes. What better way to educate the public as to the great many resources available for those looking for help to pay back taxes? If Berkshire Hathaway allegedly owes a Billion Dollars, the guy who owes $2000 probably does not feel so bad,” said one GraceForms employee. “We were surprised as to how many well known companies were avoiding paying their taxes and if not for space limitations we could have listed many, many others.”

A cursory search of Google for those who owe back taxes reveals results such as “thousands of federal workers owe back taxes’,”Obama aides owe back taxes”,”California Celebrities Owe Back Taxes”, and other stories that feature estimates as to just how many Americans need to pay back taxes. Indeed, the number of private citizens as well as prominent companies and corporations that are in hot water with Uncle Sam for failure to pay back taxes are mind boggling. Some estimates have the number of Americans in need of back tax help as high as 8.2 million people owing as much as $83 billion dollars.

A company spokesperson said, “We realize there are a great many issues to be explored. It seems on one hand the government is spending money faster than they can print it and it only stands to reason that going after those who have failed to pay back taxes will be targeted. To see major companies who are in the same predicament may be of some solace for those who are in need of back tax help.”

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