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New Rap Songs, @CKHiD album, Inspired by Hip Hop, Country, Rock Music Legends

Last updated Wednesday, August 8, 2012 03:32 ET

New Rap Songs, latest C.KHiD Hip Hop album releases August 9th, 2012. Imagine if Elvis Presley and the Beatles rapped with 2pac & Jay-Z, for a new song.

Denver, United States, 08/08/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

New Rap Songs, the new album from rap artist C.KHiD ( @CKHiD ), releases tomorrow, August 9th. The well-titled project, fuses together blends of various music legends, for a new Hip Hop sound. Crediting legends 2pac, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, & more for his 'style', C.KHiD has used social media to project all feelings on the 'rap' album.

"I've been inspired by Jimi Hendrix, 2pac, Beatles, Jay-Z, and even Elvis Presely. That's why I title my joint 'New Rap Songs'," wrote C.KHiD on FaceBook today.

Can a rapper exist today, saying such things? What hot rapper do you know admittingly having a collection of Elvis, the Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix? Tupac Shakur, okay maybe. The rest, No way!

Even better, C.KHiD is not subdued into the culture rapping about boats and hoes, nor the promoting of teen sex. A fan of legendary rappers, he's not even talking about the trippy stick vapes or MMJ.

Indeed a unique fusion, New Rap Songs, if listened to will make these 'little nothings' acceptable. Living 'out loud' through social media sites YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, & twitter, C.KHiD is giving fans a bare naked truth of what to expect from his seventh studio album.

Questioning the stability of listeners mind to accept 2012 rap music, C.KHiD is surprisingly 'testing'. One might not expect any aggressive manor to be on the Hip Hop album, but it is.

"Is Bow Wow a Thug Now ? Is Drake Throwing Up Blood Signs ? Lil Wayne, Think he Gang Banging 'cause money bought some thugs time?" recited C.KHiD over koncept beats produced single, For the Money.

Is that a diss? With the delivery it's hard to tell but the truth has been spoken, with a directness most industry rap music artists avoid.

What is a C.KHiD though?

That is what some may still say, who have not been swept in his viral video frenzy.

With 21 Million YouTube views and rising towards 1 million ringtone downloads via Myxer.com, C.KHiD is whoever you want him to be. His project "New Rap Songs" has no boundaries of sound.

Anything a listener can want this summer, is on the coming positive-energy C.KHiD album. New Songs "AYO" and "NO NO" have a down south, country Hip Hop melody. However, if listeners play the tune "New Rap Songs", track #2 on the self-entitled album, you will hear solid Hip Hop influences of a 2001 Eminem.

Download "New Rap Songs" free, beginning Thursday, 9th of August. The ninee track EP album will be free for download on www.CKHiD.net.

"New Rap Songs" will also be found on MP3 store, iTunes, beginning 10th day of August, with a bonus song.

Fans of C.KHiD can find the virally spreading rap artist on Twitter @CKHiD.