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TicketHurry: A Safe New Way to Buy Concert, Theater and Sports Tickets Online

Last updated Saturday, November 10, 2012 22:06 ET

Online shoppers can breathe easy, TicketHurry is a safe, low-priced marketplace for tickets to any event.

11/10/2012 / SubmitMyPR /

Everyone has heard the news stories: "concert 'A' has sold out within a matter of seconds, demand is sky high!" These headlines seem dire but never again should you lose hope in seeing your favorite performers live. Even when Ticketmaster and the local box office are sold out, TicketHurry has you covered. Reports almost never highlight those sources as only being a slice of the concert pie, which means crazed fans can buy up the stock almost immediately. TicketHurry collects tickets from a wide assortment of official ticket brokers, offering you the seats you couldn't get at the box office. However ticket shopping can be confusing, and a common question among first-time buyers is "is it safe?"

To that question they may receive opposing answers but they are easily debunked. The world can be a dangerous place, so yes, sometimes websites are scams that should not be trusted. Fortunately websites take time to build, so in many cases the validity of a business can be discerned by the effort put into the website - which will seem obvious at first glance. Most ticket-broking websites are completely legit and professional, and even offer protection against any complications with your event purchase. If you ever run into any problems with a ticket purchased through TicketHurry, they will investigate it and issue a full refund. The tickets will typically arrive by mail, or give the option to print and go; just as is standard from Ticketmaster. This should alleviate concerns for holiday shoppers, life doesn't have to reenact the plot of the movie "Jingle All The Way". Most major events that have been announced as sold out from the box office are still available, with tickets just waiting for a new home!