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New Technology Blocks Smartphone Spying - Has Fortress-Like Operating System

Last updated Monday, April 1, 2013 17:08 ET

A new mobile phone technology is first smartphone with a strengthened operating system that blocks spying and secures communications.

Washington, USA, 04/01/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

A new mobile phone technology will be revealed in Washington DC that blocks spying. Called Fortress Fone(TM), it is the first smartphone with a strengthened operating system. It enables secure communications and data and stops malware and Spyphones.

"Today's smartphones are great, but they are dangerous because none of them protect privacy," says Tom Malatesta, COO of Ziklag Systems. "All of them are open to both external spying through intercepts and internal spying by malware. Today governments, law enforcement, and criminals are taking advantage of smartphone vulnerability to collect information and listen in on calls," Malatesta says.

The designers of Fortress Fone were challenged to come up with a solution for government agencies in Italy that needed better security. "Our goal was to put a fully functional smartphone in the hands of our government leaders, but a smartphone that was truly secure," says Giannantonio Montorselli, CEO of Telsy SpA, the business partner of Ziklag Systems. "I think we accomplished our goal and have something truly unique," Montorselli adds.

"People are shifting to smartphones and tablets from computers," says James Swanson, a retired Naval Intelligence officer and former Pentagon technology guru. "The problem is they are going from a partially protected environment that at least has a firewall, to devices that don't have such protection. Without the Fortress Fone development we are getting into a pot of trouble," says Swanson. Swanson is now CIO for Ziklag Systems.

To make the point, Ziklag Systems and Telsy will demonstrate how regular smartphones can be hacked, even if they have added encryption for voice and data. "We will show exactly how the bad guys can defeat some popular solutions to secure phones, just by getting behind the system, which is easy to do," says Fabrizzio Vacca, CTO of Telsy. "Without strengthening the porous operating system of the smartphone, the reality is there is no protection at all, either for the data on the phone, the networks connected to the device, or the voice channels."

Ziklag Systems and Telsy will demonstrate the Fortress Fone on Thursday at 10 AM at Patton Boggs Law Firm, 2550 M St NW in Washington DC.