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Amanda Wamunyima overcomes adversity in quest to represent Florida

Last updated Wednesday, June 12, 2013 11:25 ET

Ms. Amanda Wamunyima will be representing Florida at the Ms. America 2013 pageant

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Ms. Amanda Wamunyima who is currently the reigning Ms. Florida America 2013 will be representing Florida at the Ms. America 2013 pageant on June 23, 2013 at 3050 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, California 92626. She is also Ms. Orlando US 2013 and holds past titles of Miss Katy US 2012, Miss African American 2012, Miss Africa USA People's Choice 2010, and Miss Zambia USA 2010. Having worked for top pulmonologists and hospitals in Central Florida, the international model, aspiring actress, business owner, and humanitarian has graced various prestigious fashion shows including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Houston International Fashion Week, Fashion Illusion and Fashionably Alive.

The United States has always attracted strivers from every corner of the globe, who are often willing to risk great hardships to arrive here. The reigning Ms. Florida America, Amanda Wamunyima, is no exception. A real life princess due to her Lozi heritage (Zambia Africa), Amanda is the brand Ambassador for Drive4COPD, a campaign that educates about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a platform she will be representing at the Ms. America 2013 pageant. Amanda is a first-generation immigrant from the country of Zambia. Born to a military family in Zambia, in a highly volatile continent like Africa, a life of poverty and struggle for the basic amenities were the predominant features of her life. The breaking point arrived unceremoniously, when her dad passed away and she lost a sister to AIDS. Amanda and her only surviving sister Hope decided that the land of the FREE where dreams come true for those who believe was now or never for them. America was the natural choice!

“My story is one that has been told over and over again. Born in Africa, life was hard. Living without good drinking water, food, and medical care, my family and I had to make a decision to get up and move or stay and die. My journey to the USA was an adventure in itself what with escaping from a burning bus, being detained for breaking the window through which I escaped, fleeing from lions, getting up close and personal with wild elephants and much more," states Ms. Wamunyima.

It is a miracle she survived all this but this would of course be attributed to her burning desire to survive and make something of her life. Ms. Wamunyima had the spirit needed to overcome any challenge and the steely determination to succeed against all odds. It is this very spirit that America welcomes and rewards. She embodies what The United States of America has stood for from time immemorial. Anyone with a dream and willing to work hard would definitely find whatever they are looking for here and that is the life that Ms. Florida America 2013, Amanda Wamunyima is living.

TeKay Designs, an international fashion house based in Houston Texas which is most noted for providing unique and ethnic bridal and formal wear, as well as handcrafted fashion jewelry for customers in the U.S.A and worldwide, is the official wardrobe designer for Ms. Florida America, Amanda Wamunyima. With over 14 years of history, TeKay Designs has been featured in numerous print publications including: The Knot Magazine, The New York Times, Get Married Magazine, Bridal Guide Magazine, Self Magazine, African Vibes Magazine, Fashion Avenue News, Longe Magazine. The company’s Queen of the Brides collection offers high-end couture bridal and formal gowns complete with headpieces and custom jewelry representing ancient Queens and women of power from Egypt, India, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, etc. “TeKay Designs is proud to be dressing the reigning Ms. Florida America 2013. We are pleased to sponsor a truly phenomenal woman like Amanda Wamunyima who we believe is making a difference by helping those less fortunate. She is a special young lady who has shown extraordinary determination in overcoming challenges.” states TeKay Designs’ Creative Director, Kimma Wreh.

Ms. Wamunyima has also volunteered in various philanthropic centers as well as hosted events for the Africa News Digest TV, Young Composes Challenge, GMA Music Week Winter Jam Music, World Vision, and Judah Nation Music and has appeared in commercials on Oxygen/Cable TV and acted in Measure Of Faith, among others.

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