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Puzzle Zoo, Announces New Superman: The Man of Steel Collector Items

Last updated Monday, July 1, 2013 18:00 ET

PuzzleZoo : A leading carrier of action figure toys and special edition collector toys, announcing the new Superman: Man of Steel Movie special Pre-Order toys.

Los Angeles, United States of America, 07/01/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

By earning more than $248 million in the United States alone, the new Warner Brothers film, Superman: Man of Steel has proven to be a major success. It is no wonder that toy collectors are already looking for memorabilia that is guaranteed to gain value in years to come. It is no wonder then that Puzzle Zoo, a popular puzzle and collector items retailer based in California is selling new products exclusively made for the new movie release. By offering a variety of action figures, collectables and memorabilia, Puzzle Zoo is the number one destination for special Superman: Man of Steel products.

Superman began on his home planet of Krypton and was adopted and raised on earth by Martha and Jonathan Kent. At first, Superman had difficulty controlling his powers and eventually learned how to use them. In this new film, Superman learns why it is important for him to watch over the people of Metropolis. Children of all ages can help Superman watch over these citizens of earth along with the Play Arts Kai General Zod.

Computer users all over the world can start pre-ordering Superman: Man of Steel merchandise for fans of all ages. Although pre-ordering is available, quantities are limited for these special collector items. No matter if this buyers are looking for a gift for a child or an adult, Puzzle Zoo has an affordable collector’s item for everyone in the family. Previously carrying Superman items from DC Direct, Superman Returns, and Superman: The Animated Series, Puzzle Zoo is now extending their Superman family to the newest of the collection, Superman: The Man of Steel. Puzzle Zoo offers action figures ranging from 6 inches to 31 inches in height at a variety of prices.

Puzzle Zoo also adds descriptions such as age appropriations and if batteries are required or not which makes gift giving easier. Quantities are extremely limited and the estimated release date is August 1, 2013. To view a full selection of the Superman: The Man of Steel collector’s items, Located in Glendora, California, Puzzle Zoo was founded in 1993 and has expanded to seven stores throughout the United States. Dedicated to excellent customer service, Puzzle Zoo is available to address any questions or concerns before a customer pre-orders an item.