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BridgeLanguages Undergoes Rebranding, Expands Scope of Services Offered

Last updated Friday, July 12, 2013 10:00 ET

Translation and Interpretation Services Expand Under New Name

Denver, USA, 07/12/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

The translation and interpretation services division of Bridge Linguatec, Inc. recently announced a full rebranding and name change, including the launch of a new website. Under its new name, BridgeLanguages, the translation and interpretation division can offer more robust services and position themselves as the experts in language and multilingual communication.

With its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, BridgeLanguages has a special and unique connection with Colorado-based businesses, and its staff has a strong interest in helping them succeed in reaching their cross-border goals. Providing professional translation and interpretation services to a wide variety of businesses gives this new division of BridgeLanguages positive exposure.

Nick Winkler, Director of Translation and Interpretation Services at BridgeLanguages sees the new name as a step toward continued success. “At BridgeLanguages, we have a passion for foreign languages that emanates from our quality work. Throughout BridgeLanguages’ history, we’ve relied on this passion to help our clients succeed in their international endeavors. Our new name is perfectly representative of the services we provide, in that we extend our expertise in language services for our clients’ benefit. BridgeLanguages is unique for the Denver marketplace, in that we understand Colorado businesses and have the ability to leverage our international team to their benefit.”

The importance of quality in translation and interpretation services is paramount at BridgeLanguages, which is highlighted on the new site (www.bridgelanguages.com). Knowing that no two translations are alike, Bridge offers a collaborative approach when providing its services, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Working one-on-one with clients to establish specific needs provides the company an advantage of being local, while still maintaining a global reach through its professional, highly qualified translators and interpreters.

One of BridgeLanguages’ key strengths is the ability to communicate with and work alongside networks that employ the world’s best translators and interpreters. Through its new division, and under a new name, BridgeLanguages can now develop international communication solutions.

About BridgeLanguages
BridgeLanguages, a division of the established leader in language and education, Bridge, is a language translation, interpretation, and education company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. BridgeLanguages provides document, website, and certified translations, as well as onsite and telephonic interpretation services in more than 80 languages for business, academic, and government institutions, and individuals. BridgeLanguages also offers e-learning, full-immersion, private and group classes, and in-company language training.

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