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Protecting iPads From Damage, A Tough Case Scenario From SoftShield 360

Last updated Tuesday, July 16, 2013 02:00 ET

SoftShield 360 utilizes a tough rubber-like dense foam material that gives the iPad a 360 degree all-around protection from dents, bumps, smudges and scratches.

Los Angeles, USA, 07/16/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Los Angeles - Looking for the best case to shield your high tech gadgets from imminent damage? A rubber-like dense material called EVA, which stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, will save your day. This versatile dense foam can be found in many commercial applications, from handle grips, to flotation safety devices, to sports safety equipment, and orthopedic and prosthetic padding.

Since the launching of the iPad three years ago, it has changed everything. The greatest tablet computing device ever made is still young, but has become a cultural phenomenon. It has been embedded into our day to day activities, replacing bulky PC’s, laptops, integrating separate devices, tools, and thousands of applications. Turning to just one device for all of these things is something that years ago could only be imagined or seen in science fiction movies. From facilitating kids playing games and working with educational apps, or simply watching movies, to teachers and students holding iPads instead of books, professional men and women working in the field, and small business owners checking their inventories, it truly is a revolutionary device. But along with the enormous possibilities of the iPad are also an imminent threat of the device sustaining damages like dents, bumps, smudges, and scratches. But what better way is there to protect it, than by shielding it with a case made from versatile material that is soft, flexible, and tough.

iPad Protection with a Tough Yet Soft & Flexible Case

SoftShield 360, has created a unique soft protective case by taking an optimized rubber-like dense foam (EVA) material, and turning into a molded product. By utilizing the versatile properties of EVA, SoftShield 360 created the sleek case that perfectly blends engineering and quality material to protect the iPad against imminent damage whether from a kid’s clumsy hands or from working personnel on a rugged condition.

Designed using a combination of skills and engineering experience, with the help of 3D CAD modeling software, SoftShield 360 optimizes the EVA foam material along the delicate edges, carving it to the distinctive iPad profile, and providing the iPad with 360 degree all-around protection. The curvature sides provide a buffer against impact and double as a carrying and graspable handle: a clever design where every detail has a purpose while making it an aesthetically sleek protective case. SoftShield 360 is scratch resistant, lightweight, eco-friendly, washable, and easy to clean. The soft protective case will allow iPad use with full potential without hesitation in places such as homes, schools, workplaces, or just about anywhere. And for a limited time, customers can obtain a PRESALE Discount CODE for $10 OFF for an iPad mini protective shell.

For more details visit SoftShield 360 at http://www.SoftShield360.com, at Facebook.com/SoftShield or email [email protected]

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