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Daniel Iachello: Café Dauphine In New Orleans Five Star Restaurant Review

Last updated Wednesday, August 7, 2013 16:23 ET

Daniel B. Iachello Restaurant Review: Café Dauphine In New Orleans

New Orleans, USA, 08/07/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Daniel Iachello has just launched a new restaurant series designed to highlight tucked away restaurants in New Orleans. This series is designed to give tourists who visit cities like New Orleans insight on where the locals consider the best places to eat.

The monthly series will show case many of the different local cuisines, and spirits unique to New Orleans.

One such restaurant that will lead off the series will be his review of Café Dauphine Restaurant in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. Café Dauphine was established in one of the buildings that was flooded out during Hurricane Katrina. Daniel Iachello says this local jewel of a restaurant captured every taste that New Orleans has to offer – a must dine for sure.

“I wanted to lead off my series of Tucked Away Restaurants with this perfect little dining venue on Dauphine St in New Orleans. Not many people know about Café Dauphine, but once you taste their food it will be very difficult to eat anywhere else. Even if you have to catch a cab from your hotel - the food is worth the fare. Trust me.”

Daniel Iachello went on to say that what makes Café Dauhpine so special is the staff cares about every aspect of their restaurant – and it shows in their food.

The Daniel Iachello “Tuck Away Restaurant” series is also being considered for a weekly showcase on the Food Network, with possible syndication in the UK. Tuck Away Restaurants desires to take readers away from the main commercial centers of the city in order to taste the food that the locals cook and enjoy.

The series will also review top spirits and local beverages as part of complete dining experiences in local eateries.

About Café Dauphine

The idea was conceived four years ago by siblings, Fred and Keisha Henry, and Tia, the wife of Fred. After enduring an abundance of hurdles and road blocks, on June 30th the trio will finally open the doors of Café Dauphine to the public. In an area still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina, the café will be a “breath of fresh air.” This business will give Lower Ninth Ward/Holy Cross residents a dining option within their own community, a luxury definitely lacking in the area. The restaurant will aid in stimulating the area's economy by offering jobs, thus fostering community pride and resilience.

The menu features Southern cuisine while the atmosphere vibes a casual chic ambiance. Some of the menu items include fried seafood fresh from the Gulf, salads served in crispy tortilla bowls, charbroiled burger, steaks, and Bar-B-Que ribs. Keisha and Tia have added their own signature dishes to the menu which include a Cajun-Asian fusion egg roll named the “Lizardi Roll” and the “Deep Fried Bell Pepper” which is stuffed with lump crabmeat and shrimp. The café also offers healthier alternatives like charbroiled chicken breast, grilled fish and grilled shrimp served with fresh steamed vegetables and salad. All fried foods are prepared in Trans Fat Free cooking oil.

If you are in New Orleans and would like to visit Café Dauphine please visit http://www.cafedauphinenola.com

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