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Manhattan Mold Removal Company Helps Tenants with Legal Documentation Services

Last updated Monday, August 12, 2013 07:00 ET

Manhattan Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Company Now Assisting Renters with Legal Documentation Services for Litigation Cases Against NYC Slumlords

Manhattan, USA, 08/12/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

As mold has fast become one of the biggest concerns for renters throughout NYC due to Hurricane Sandy flooding, many tenants have no clue on how to go about getting this major health issue remedied. Tenants should understand their rights when it comes to the safety and health of themselves and their families. With so many people going through hard times, many do not comprehend that there are many avenues to consider when it comes to seeking assistance when dealing with property owners and landlords that are considered negligent and greedy.

Tenants have rights when it comes to their safety and well being, and they need to understand the different steps and procedures involved when it comes to dealing with scrupulous landlords. NYC renters may seek assistance through the many channels available and may now do so with the assistance of one particular Manhattan mold removal company.

A spokesperson from this Manhattan mold removal company stated, “The first steps involved for a tenant to fully understand NYC renter’s rights and the processes involved with starting a negligence claim against a landlord. The first step is to document as much information as possible by taking pictures of the mold growth, any water leaks, water damage, roof leaks. After documentation, a tenant should proceed to writing a dated certified letter to the landlord or building owner with all documentation included. Tenants must keep a copy for themselves for their records just in case they have to take the landlord to court. We assist tenants with all documentation processes involved with starting legal processes. If a landlord fails to comply, the tenant will have everything they need to pursue the landlord in court”.

If the landlord fails to take care of the mold issue, the tenant may file a HP action with the DHCR at www.dhcr.state.ny.us. for a rate reduction in rent. If the landlord still is non-compliant, a tenant may want to seek professional legal assistance or contact the Metropolitan Council on Housing at http://metcouncilonhousing.org/ or another housing assistance group.

Landlords that are found to be negligent, and if they do not take care of the underlying issues for the mold growth and the mold growth itself may eventually be taken to court and sued for negligence.

For more information on Manhattan mold inspection documentation processes and Manhattan mold removal services, contact – ManhattanMoldRemoval.com