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New Service Helps Businesses Create And Implement Document Destruction Policies

Last updated Monday, August 12, 2013 12:00 ET

A new service at http://www.documment-shredding.org helps businesses in the USA with all phases of document management, from shredding to scanning and storage.

San Francisco, USA, 08/12/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

To help big companies manage their documents, The Document Shredding Directory is now offering new useful tools, services and articles.

"We wanted to be sure we were helping companies with all phases of document management. We know that the entire process can be difficult at times, and with the myriad of laws surrounding document retention, it can be confusing" said Art Green, a publicist for the website.

From the time a piece of paperwork is generated, all of the way up until the time when it is shredded or archived, businesses have to have a system in place to manage these records safely, or risk government fines and lawsuits.

"Our website gives business owners the opportunity to review document management companies in their local area. In addition, we have a quick price finder service for document shredding services, document scanning services and document storage services. If a business owner takes a minute to fill out these forms, he will get call backs from professional, screened service providers in his area with accurate price quotes. This way, all phases of document management can be sorted out and a comprehensive plan can be put in place."

The website has an articles section, where business owners can learn about things like HIPAA laws and how to create a records retention policy.

For example, some companies create a training system for employees. One simply way is to have an area of the company website dedicated to document management procedures. This area can be password protected and it can be updated remotely.

Then, email technology is easy to use and can help remind employees about records management schedules.

Sometimes workers are even penalized for mishandling of records or misfiling.

One great way for companies to test if their document management system is running correctly is to do test drills.

In a test drill, the instructor creates a situation where certain records need to be retrieved and then sees how long this activity takes.

"You can't just archive all records forever, because there are strict laws about when consumer documents need to be shredded. You can't just shred everything either, because this is where retention laws come into place. You need both shredding services, and scanning/archiving."

There are no easy answers to legal requirements, there is only careful research and 'acceptable risk'. The job of a records retention policy is to balance legal considerations with the needs of efficient business operations, and to fall within the guidelines of acceptable risk as determined by risk management.

"Creating a records retention system is not an easy task and requires ongoing research and continuous improvements. The Document Shredding Directory can help you find the professionals that will put you on the right track."

To learn more visit http://www.document-shredding.org