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X corporate employee ventures into the voice over world and lands 3 audio books

Last updated Wednesday, August 28, 2013 21:16 ET

X corporate employee Patrick Freeman ventures into the voice over world and lands three audio books!

Houston, United States, 08/28/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Rookie Voice Over Talent Experiences Immediate Success

X corporate employee Patrick Freeman ventures into the voice over world and lands three audio books!

After twenty years of working in the financial services industry, dealing with corporate politics and two lay-offs Patrick Freeman decided he had enough. No he didn't win the lottery or even come into an inheritance. You might think he is a glutton for punishment, as his new venture takes him into a more uncertain industry of voice overs.

The challenges in breaking into the voice over world did not stop Patrick from setting up his own studio in a bedroom he is renting from a Katy, Texas home owner. As you walk into his room the walls are adorned with sound proofing foam making you feel you just walked into a rubber room in a psychiatric ward rather than living quarters. Minus the straight jacket Patrick has all the equipment needed to produce commercials and audio books.

In his new, but fast start career he has already seen monumental success. Some might say he was in the right place at the right time. Yes, timing is important but what does it matter if it happens in the beginning of one's career?

Equally, if not more important, is talent. This 44 year old has talent that would make Pixar's animators trip over their key-boards...if that's what they do when talent walks in the door. Since childhood growing up in Amarillo Texas Patrick has been able to mimic and create a myriad of cartoon characters. He has over fifty different voices in the quiver. He is not just "shoe-horned" into cartoon characters, but has a wide breath of believable voices. Even his natural speaking voice has that "guy-next-door" feel. The voice which brought him success is what he calls his "morning voice." It resembles his natural tone but with a raspy-edgy-I'm-not-gonna-take-it style.

This tone was appreciated so much that in his first three audio book auditions he was offered all three jobs. After all, when you are looking for someone to narrate your zombie and science fiction book edgy sells.

He is wrapping up his first book, Zombie Civilization: Genesis, written by Steven Ehrman and should be hitting iTunes and Audible in the next two weeks.

Everyone is getting the zombie bug from shows like The Walking Dead and movies such as World War Z so the timing could not be better.

His voice over coach Randy Hames at Edgewater Studios in Sugarland Texas said, "It is not very often you see someone with such immediate success."

Patrick is well aware the risk and uncertainty in the voice over industry, but a gamble which, so far, has paid off.