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Pristine Screens Announces a New Brand of Marketing Innovation

Last updated Friday, September 13, 2013 10:00 ET

Improve ROI from Advertising Efforts with a Branded Screen Cleaner

Denver, USA, 09/13/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Pristine Screens has teamed up with product designers and clients nationwide to create branded screen cleaners that feature traceable, analytics-based content. This content not only generates brand awareness and loyalty, but shows companies the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and efforts.

The customized screen cleaners combine the promotional power of brand recognition with interactive calls-to-action. These calls-to-action include promotional codes, QR Codes, coupons, and 1-800 numbers. Pristine Screens believes marketing is about more than getting a logo in front of potential customers; it’s about tracking their subsequent actions. Branded screen cleaners trace a customer interaction from product introduction to point of purchase.

By tracking how a customer uses and interacts with a product, companies can focus their marketing campaigns for effective results. This translates to generating more leads and garnering higher ROI.

“With Pristine Screens, you can truly improve your company or organization’s ability to become highly visible and brand yourselves more effectively, especially with the help of engaging calls-to-action. We help you leverage the world’s most popular devices (cell phones, tablets & laptops) in order to help super charge your visibility and elevate your branding!” Josh Holloway, Manager at Pristine Screens, looks forward to his company’s new offering.

About Pristine Screens
Pristine Screens offers a whole new level of marketing and branding by supplying innovative solutions to clean smart phone, laptop, or desktop screens. Both the Pristine Sticky Clean and Pristine Travel Clean are developed using microfiber technology and are fully customizable, so they work great as promotional products or employee incentives. All Pristine Screens’ products do not scratch screens or lenses, are washable and reusable, and are highly visible to help garner brand awareness.