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Energy Incentives from ComEd, Nicor Gas and Illinois DCEO in One Publication

Last updated Thursday, September 19, 2013 07:30 ET

This reference guide, enables fast and easy identification of the key energy efficiency incentives for commercial businesses and municipalities.

Buffalo Grove, USA, 09/19/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Connexion, a leading provider of electrical and energy solutions to the construction trades, commercial businesses and municipalities has announced the release of their 2013-14 Energy Incentive Quick Guide.

“With so many facilities now ready to explore the next levels of energy savings beyond lighting retrofits and upgrades, our energy incentive Quick Guide eliminates the arduous task of researching through multiple ComEd, Nicor and DCEO publications for available incentives for these more complex measures,” said Connexion’s Vice President of Energy Services, Brian Earl.” Even though our clients have come to depend on us for our knowledge of utility incentives and other sources of funding, there are still many who prefer in-house access to this information to comply with their sustainability directives. This reference guide fulfills that need."

In the Midwest, the utility energy incentive landscape continues its ongoing evolution with ComEd, Nicor Gas and the Illinois DCEO offerings of higher LED lighting incentives, increased incentives for lighting controls and an expansive menu of new energy incentives for HVAC, refrigeration, school and healthcare laboratory measures, and much more. These incentives from ComEd, Nicor and the DCEO are rate payer funded and are renewed on an annual basis. During the course of the year, modifications to the program occur, often with bonus energy incentive opportunities.

Connexion’s Energy Incentive Quick Guide was created to provide a building owner or chief sustainability officer a quick means of calculating the viability of an energy conservation measure based solely upon available incentives. This consolidation of incentives and utility rebates lessens the likelihood of overlooking key incentives that may have a profound impact on a project’s return on investment. Any modifications to these incentive programs are communicated throughout the year via Connexion's award-winning Green Scene and News Connexion newsletters. Downloading the energy efficincy incentive Quick Guide enables access to all ComEd, Nicor and DCEO energy efficiency program updates including the recent "Zero T12 Incentive" from ComEd and the announcement of The Illinois DCEO's 2013 Fall "EV Infrastructure Rebate Program".

Connexion, a top-rated Trade Ally with ComEd, Nicor Gas and the Illinois DCEO employs an energy team whose members each specialize in a particular technology and vertical market. These technologies include; lighting systems, control and building automation, engineered clean energy solutions and combined heat and power systems. Included within their vertical market expertise are healthcare and educational facilities, industrials, data centers, property management firms and dedicated solutions for small businesses.

Connexion's Energy Incentive Quick Guide is one of several guides available for free download. Other popular guides include their award winning T12 Upgrade Guide and the EISA Lamp Availability Guide.

About Connexion:

Connexion, headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL is a privately held, independent provider of electrical and energy business solutions. Connexion provides a highly customized portfolio of products and services unique to the needs of the clients and communities they serve. Their diverse portfolio enables a strong return on investment through the implementation of energy efficient technologies. For more information, visit http://www.connexionES.com.