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Explosive Tsunami Trend Towards This Client Getting Marketing Strategy

Last updated Thursday, September 26, 2013 20:30 ET

'Client-Getting' alternative in which many businesses are using to get quicker and easier targeted visitors to their website and convert them to customers.

Eastbourne, United Kingdom, 09/26/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

There has been a massive tsunami of marketers that have gotten tired of waiting months to get a website to the top of Google only to see their hard work fall victim to Google's Zoo (algorithmic updates). These smarter marketers are turning to Video SEO to get targeted traffic and visitors to their website instead. The main benefit is that you potentially get two sources of traffic from both Google and YouTube search engines.

Many die hard search engine specialists get angry at Google for changing their algorithm, but Google is a business and is in the game of profit. Allowing searchers to go to their search engine, search for an item, click on organic results, then go to a website owned by someone else and then make a purchase, would mean that nowhere in that sequence does Google make any income.

If every searcher did this it would mean that Google would be a non-profit. Therefore, it's no wonder people presume that Google favors businesses who buy PPC advertising over SEOs.

Is YouTube a smart idea for business marketing?

YouTube videos have seemed to rank in Google a lot easier and quicker depending on the keyword search phrase you target. A possible reason for this could be Youtube's age and authority.

Local keywords tend to be a bit harder to optimize, so you need to perform a more powerful strategy for this.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there have been many people jumping on this bandwagon, but there is still a massive opportunity of untapped search phrases with non-existent videos on page one of search results.

One company that has put it's focus into helping other businesses succeed with Video SEO is Targeted Clicks. The CEO and founder, Chris James has launched a new course called VideoSEOFormula to teach people how to get their videos high up in Google and YouTube, get more views, leads and customers.

He also has a service where he offers done-for-you video SEO services so as to relieve a business owner of the technical headache, leaving them to focus on running their own business. He also mentions that if you don't have a video then he has a team of animators, speakers and voice over artists to create professional looking videos for you.

More information can be found at http://VideoSEOFormula.com