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Gaming Information Company, Curse, Inc., Launches Fresh New Look for Curse.com

Last updated Wednesday, October 2, 2013 16:25 ET

The Redesign helps the Gaming Information Media Company Better Reach and Serve Gamers.

Huntsville, US, 10/02/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Curse, Inc. has just launched a redesigned and refreshed version of its flagship website, www.curse.com. The design was created by its in-house web design and development team. The new design boasts streamlined navigation and modern design to highlight the variety of games Curse supports, and to help users more easily find the Curse branded websites that support their favorite games.

A dynamic, rich media carousel greets users on the refreshed homepage, and allows the company’s featured giveaways, articles, and video content to be prominently displayed. A new video page has also been added to allow users to quickly access popular videos created by the Curse, Inc. video team. Users will also find an easily browsable list of the PC and console titles Curse supports, and links to the various web properties Curse operates in support of each game.

“The new design better reflects our business and product offerings,” said CEO Hubert Thieblot. He continued, “The newly designed curse.com will give users a better experience, and will provide a more accurate picture of the scope of the resources we provide for gamers. This new design allows gamers to quickly search for a PC or console game and find a list of Curse sites relating to the game they are interested in. The new design supports Curse’s mission to help gamers find the best resources for the best games regardless of the platform they choose to enjoy the game on.”

For many years, curse.com has been considered the number one resource to download addons for popular games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Terraria. The updated design nods towards the company’s future to become the number one gaming information company in the world and the most complete resource for core gamers while still taking into account the website’s roots by keeping its most popular addons featured on the homepage alongside the new content.

The new design will ensure the site’s content remains fresh and can grow along with the company. It will reinforce the company’s image as a the most comprehensive resource for avid gamers looking to become a part of interest-specific communities, consume content, and interact with like-minded fans around their favorite game titles.

About Curse

Founded in 2006, Curse, Inc. consists of the more than 45 sought after gaming websites attracting over 26 million unique visitors worldwide, and in excess of seven hundred million page views per month according to comScore data. Curse empowers gamers with premium resources and content resulting in an enriched, authentic, and more enjoyable experience. Worldwide, gamers depend on Curse for the tools and expertise they need to take their gaming to the next level. Curse Inc. is headquartered in Huntsville, AL.