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San Francisco Startup “Namerific” Is Changing the Way You Choose Business Names

Last updated Monday, October 7, 2013 18:23 ET

Namerific provides creative and unique business name ideas in the form of .com domain names which help internet entrepreneurs name their new ventures.

San Francisco, USA, 10/07/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Namerific is an online company based out of San Francisco that offers a unique marketplace of premium “.com” domain names and logo designs. “The SF Bay Area and surrounding areas are home to some of the largest tech companies and serves as one of the most rapidly-expanding business landscapes in the world, so we naturally wanted to jump right in the middle of that.” Zane said. Since the dot com boom of the 90's, start-ups are beginning to realize how difficult it can be to secure internet real estate (domain names) and Namerific has stepped up to re-energize a new company's process of choosing their new business name.

Namerific’s team has been involved in naming and domaining since around 2005. They have taken the time to select great .com domains by implementing a strategic branding process -- this allows them to feature hundreds of unique .com names for sale allowing startups a convenient way to discover their potential brand names. While the list of names is large, the Namerific team does its best in ensuring the business names they are selling are original -- the perfect foundation for creating a fresh new brand.

Zane Gocha (Namerific’s Founder) and his team understand the importance of choosing the right business name, and want to be there to help startups find a name and domain they can keep for life.

Zane noted that, "Experts are in full agreement that startups are struggling to achieve desired results with strengthening their branding position due to the difficulty in acquiring the ideal name and domain name. We realize a solution is required and our team is in a unique position to offer expertise and a solution to help start-up companies and entrepreneurs choose a brand asset they can keep for life. Ultimately, when you choose a brand name, and domain name, you want to ‘stick’ with both from the start. If you’re already planning to rebrand and reposition your place on the web the moment you decide on a name and domain, you are only costing yourself additional time, money, and headaches, all which could be avoided by starting from a proper foundation."

"The .com name is where you build your brand – everything else is for protecting it. If you start out without a .com, you have nothing to protect yourself. Nearly all of the world’s leading brands operate on a .com domain, and for good reason."

While the landscape for internet property is becoming more and more difficult to acquire, Namerific plans to be there to provide a steadily growing list of easily attainable names. They understand that naming a business and attaining the right domain name can be challenging, and want to make this process as simple as possible.

For more information, contact Namerific at 1-888-894-5434 or Visit them at Namerific.com