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Ron Bell, Attorney addresses Lawyers at a New Mexico Bar Luncheon

Last updated Wednesday, October 23, 2013 21:53 ET

"How to triple your practice in one year"

Albuquerque, USA, 10/23/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Ron Bell, a practicing personal injury attorney-famous in New Mexico for using advertising to attract clients 30 years ago when advertising was a legal bad word-addressed a luncheon of small practice attorneys recently. His discussion was titled: How to triple your practice in one year. Ron discussed all reasons that a small practice can use to grow. Advertising being a central part of his plan-being able to take his message to people who didn't have an idea of who to call or how to hire and attorney. His famous "I Sue Drunk Driver" advertising campaign ran for more than 25 years and touched a nerve with New Mexico clients. Many had been injured by drunk drivers. Ron explained that having a well trained staff and bi-lingual capabilities is important in this market as well. "Your staff can make or break you. Time is money and competent, people who are good at what they do and care about their work are the back bone of your office." Lastly he urged that all lawyers look at the cases they want to attract and go after that type of case. The many competitors advertising now prove that there is plenty of work for everyone. "Choose a type of case you want to work, and then become the best lawyer for your client in that area of practice."

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Ron Bell is a practicing attorney in New Mexico for more than 30 years. He primarily limits his practice to personal injury law. In August of 2008 Bell merged his firm with the Hughes Coleman firm from Nashville,TN. The new firm offers all types of injury litigation and representation.