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BKF File Recovery Software Works for the Recovery of Corrupted BKF Files

Last updated Sunday, November 3, 2013 23:57 ET

SysTools discusses the latest features of SysTools BKF File Recovery Software and how it works for the recovery of corrupted BKF files.

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Gothenburg, Sweden - Backup is the replica of the original file. It becomes important to take regular backup to avert the situation of data loss, but many don't know what to do if a situation arises that the BKF gets deleted or corrupted. Here comes the answer for the problem that most users face. BKF Recovery Software performs the task of repairing corrupt BKF files in an easy and faster way. The software is so efficient and advanced that it will help to recover BKF files also in a situation when NTBackup doesn’t let the user extract the data from BKF file and when the error messages like “The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used” and “The Backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file” are displayed on the computer screen.

Latest Features

Software centric websites share the complete info about the latest features of SysTools BKF Recovery software. The software updates the users with the corruption of the BKF files. To understand the software in a more bright light, users can have a glance at the latest features of the software available on their website. It is user friendly software and there are self-explanatory notes to repair the corrupt BKF file. Therefore the recovery process becomes easy to understand. Once the recovery process is done, the user can find the data in its original form. There is no change in the form of the original data.


The scan is done in three different modes. A) Quick Scan: This scan is selected when there is minimum corruption of the BKF file. B) Deep Scan: This scan is an advance mode scanning process. Go for this option when the corruption of the BKF file is severe. And C) Range Based Scan: This scanning option is to scan a precise portion of the BKF file like 20% to 70%. This advanced software can recover a file or folder as per the need of the user. This software performs the recovery system in an accurate manner and the process is completed within a few clicks. It repairs the files that show the error messages like “the backup is unusable.”

The latest features of the software let the users to understand more about the software. It is available online with a free demo version. To use the full and complete and latest features, users can buy the full version of the SysTools BKF Recovery Software.