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United Water Restoration Group, Inc.'s October 2013 Blog Posts

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How Fire Smoke Can Affect Your Health - posted on October 29, 2013

Smoke is a complex mixture of gases and fine particles when wood and other organic matter burn. The biggest health threat from smoke comes from fine particles. They can get into your eyes and respiratory system, causing such health problems like burning eyes, runny nose, and illnesses such as bronchitis. These particles can aggravate chronic heart and lung diseases, and are linked to premature deaths in people with these conditions.

Some people are more susceptible than others. If you have heart or lung disease, you may experience health effects earlier and at lower smoke levels than healthy people. Older adults are more likely to be affected by smoke and children are more susceptible to smoke for several reasons: their respiratory systems are still developing and they breathe more air per pound of body weight than adults.

Smoke can irritate the eyes and airways, causing coughing, a scratchy throat, irritated sinuses, headaches, stinging eyes and more! With a heart or lung disease, smoke will make your symptoms much worse. Heart disease patients can experience chest pain, palpitations, or fatigue. Lung disease patients may not be able to breathe as deeply or as usual, and they may experience symptoms such as coughing, phlegm, chest discomfort, and wheezing. When smoke levels are high enough, everyone (healthy or non-healthy) can experience some of these symptoms.


Detecting Black Mold in Your Home - posted on October 25, 2013

About 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis, which is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. The majority of these cases are caused by mold. Sinusitis is one of many dangers if there is black mold in your home. Even though black mold is less common, its toxins will life-threatening health issues. It is very important to find the specific mold type as quickly as possible. The most apparent signs of black mold are relevant to water leakage, as moisture is essential in its growth. Waterlogged structures and water intrusion are perfect environments for mold to thrive in, as well as areas with high humidity and buildings with poor ventilation.

The signs of mold growth are:
• Discoloration or warping of walls, ceilings and floors
• Cracked, peeling paint
• Mildewy, musty odors
• Loosening of drywall tape
• Visible mold growth

If left untreated, black mold will lead to the following health problems:
• Suppressed immune system
• Respiratory problems
• Asthma and bronchitis
• Lung tissue damage
• Eye, nose, throat, and skin irritation
• Memory impairment
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Body aches and pains
• Food intolerance and allergies
• Headaches and dizziness
• Fatality

To prevent your home and health from reaching this destructive point, we highly recommend that you contact United Water Restoration Group as soon as possible. We are a full-service restoration company that deals in mold remediation, as well as fire, smoke, and water damage restoration. Our mold services are targeted to effectively identify and eliminate black mold. Give us a call today, 877-855-4145!


The Do's & Don'ts of Water Damage - posted on October 21, 2013

Many residential homes and apartments face water damage disasters brought on, most commonly, by a plumbing issue or weather-related issue. Water damage can wreak havoc on everything from walls, floorboards, cabinets and furniture to hardwood floors, tile floors and much more. In its wake it can leave a host of new problems if the water damage is not properly treated.

When water damage isn't treated immediately, it causes humid, moist conditions that toxic mold thrives in. Exposure to mold has led to upper respiratory tract symptoms, coughing, wheezing and more in otherwise healthy people, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Water damage can continue to grow worse and result in permanent damage if emergency response is not sought immediately. After making a phone call to United Water Restoration, follow the Do's and Don'ts outlined below to help contain the damage.

Water Damage: Do's
1. First and foremost, make sure the source of the water is turned off to contain the damage.
2. After the water is turned off, turn off the breaker in the damage area prior to removing any electrical devices that might be in or on the affected wet area.
3. Remove any standing items that you can such as plants, books, baskets and the like that may cause a stain to develop on the wet carpet.
4. Also, lift draperies and pin up furniture skirts that may also get wet to preserve them; which is the key, preserving as much of your home and possessions as possible while awaiting the professionals to arrive.

Water Damage: Don'ts
1. Most importantly, do not attempt to use your home vacuum to remove the water. The result may be an electrical shock to the user as well as damage to the device.
2. Do not use newspaper to absorb the water in high traffic areas because the ink easily transfers and therefore can stain the carpet indefinitely.
3. Stay off the wet flooring as much as possible to keep it from spreading to unaffected areas.
4. While it may be tempting to use a shop-vac to clean up the standing water, the flooring needs to be properly dried so it does not cause more damage. Also, when properly dried by a professional, part of the process is applying an antimicrobial agent that will prevent the growth of mold. The problem with mold is that it doesn't always appear right away. In fact, it can sometimes take weeks and/or months before it is detected and it can quickly and drastically reduce the air quality in your home which then can contribute to health issues.

The take home message is simply this: if you experience a leak or flood in your home it is important to address the issue as soon as possible by contacting a reputable plumber, even if the damage appears to be insignificant. If you are unsure who to call, United Water Restoration works side by side with many leak detectors and plumbers in your area and we can refer you to a reputable company. We can walk you through the whole process and give you your options and help you file an insurance claim if the damage is excessive.


We Serve South Florida. We Serve You. - posted on October 8, 2013

United Water Restoration Group is a full-service restoration company for all your Water, Flood, Fire, Storm, Sewage and Mold emergencies. We guarantee to dispatch a technician to your property within minutes of receiving your call. With over 14 years of industry experience and the honor of restoring thousands of homes and commercial properties, we are well-known in many communities. United Water Restoration Group works with all insurance companies and has friendly business relationships with a multitude of adjusters. Our specialists work side-by-side with them to assure that every step is handled appropriately, within your coverage specifications, and done correctly the first time.

Visit our Contact page to view our various office locations throughout South Florida, from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale. United Water Restoration Group is here to serve your emergency restoration needs! www.unitedwaterrestoration.com/contact