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MBMFit Online Offers New Medical Weight Loss Plan

Last updated Monday, November 18, 2013 09:27 ET

Revolutionary Program Aids Lap Band Patients

Dallas, USA, 11/18/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Mind Body Makeover (MBMFit), the only virtual health and fitness program offering live online fitness coaches and nutritional specialists, announced today their medical weight loss program.

"Bariatric physicians recommend exercise to their patients prior to and after surgery, whether it is gastric bypass or lap band," said Dennis Sheridan, Co-Owner, Mind Body Fit. "Our program works for these patients because not only do they have a trained personal fitness coach to monitor their progress via HD Video Conferencing, they work out in the privacy of their own home."

In the past year, virtual fitness sites have popped up all over the internet. However, none of them offer the program that has made MBMFit successful in the Medical Community. Most of the sites that offer personal trainers do so through a video that can be accessed on their website. Mind Body Fit offers live virtual trainers that work one-on-one with their members. In addition, the company offers mental motivation and nutritional aids such as meal plans and supplements to help members reach their goals.

"We have found that weight loss surgery patients are uncomfortable going to a gym after their surgery," said Marvin Lewis, Co-Owner, Mind Body Fit. "I think that is what has made our virtual online program so attractive to them - that and they are seeing results." Lewis continues, "the problem with many is that after surgery, they encounter sagging skin, which can be discouraging. But a custom-tailored exercise regimen helps the body reshape itself. We are seeing amazing results."

About Mind Body Makeover
The goal of Mind Body Makeover is to provide online expertise and motivation by live personal trainers that enable members, no matter their fitness levels and ability, to achieve and exceed their personal goals. The company is committed to a web-based program of excellence which includes exercise, nutrition and mental fitness, key components to ensure lifelong change.