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Uretilalt -The go-to web portal for genuine timepieces and sports watches

Last updated Wednesday, November 20, 2013 05:19 ET

Denmark based website, Uretilalt, is the one stop shop for buying watches from the top brands of the world

Copenhagen, Denmark, 11/20/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Denmark based website, Uretilalt, is the one stop shop for buying watches from the top brands of the world

Online shopping is a recent craze which has taken the world by storm. It is very convenient to shop virtually as there is whole world of variety waiting to be explored and bought, right at your fingertips. Online shoppers who wish to purchase watches of quality at competitive prices can head to Danish web portal, Uretilalt.dk, which stocks a large variety of timepieces from various well-known brands across the globe.

Buying sports watches is an easy and time saving process with Uretilalt wherein customers are spoilt for choice with a huge variety of timepieces that are at their disposal on the website. Uretilalt stands a class apart from other web portals which are bogus as they sell fake first copies of branded items and pass them off as the real thing. Uretilalt sells 100% authentic branded watches which are imported from authorized dealers.

Top international watch manufacturing brands such as Adidas, Armani, Burberry, D & G, Daniel Wellington, Fossil, Guess, Hugo Boss, Luminox, Michael Kors, Aeronautec, Welder, Lotus, Puma, Lacoste, Jacques Leman, Nautica, Ingersoll, Zeppelin, Mondaine, Pulsar, Bering, Inhibits, Junkers, Juwelis, Police and many more can be found at this website. Moreover, wall clocks, radio controlled watches, pocket watches, digital and automatic watches are also sold at Uretilalt.

The main advantage that customers have while buying from Uretilalt is the free shipping they provide to any location in the world. Hence the hassle of extra shipping payment for certain countries is eliminated and customers only have to pay for what they have placed the order for. From stylish, delicate watches with bracelet straps for women to tough Titanium wristwatches for men and specially crafted watches for diving and sporting, every kind of timepiece is available at Uretilalt. There are a variety of discount offers that customers can avail of at Uretilalt as well.

Established in 2006, UreTilAlt.dk is a Danish website owned by UreTilAlt Ltd. It is Scandinavia’s biggest one of the oldest websites selling watches. They specialize in retailing clocks and watches from renowned and reputed manufacturers such as Seiko, Citizen and Casio. More informatiom about these three watch brands can be found at the following links: http://www.uretilalt.dk/shop/seiko-ure-211s.html, http://www.uretilalt.dk/shop/citizen-ure-207s.html and http://www.uretilalt.dk/shop/casio-ure-205s.html.

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