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Bitcoin Millionaires - Lost Password Recovery Help

Last updated Wednesday, December 4, 2013 20:58 ET

Lost or forgotten passwords are costing would-be Bitcoin millionaires fortunes. New password recovery service by Go Bit Go decrypts bitcoin passwords.

12/04/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Bitcoin's explosive value has made many over-night millionaires! A single bitcoin can be worth over a thousand dollars depending on the daily market, but it wasn't long ago that bitcoins were worth only pennies. Investors and miners alike, collected thousands and thousands of coins in the hopes of one day making a killing in the market. Well, that day has come. There are many new millionaires thanks to bitcoins, but many of those would-be millionaires are not able to access their bitcoin wallets due to lost or forgotten passwords.

Who would have known that forgetting something as simple as a password could lead to lost millions or even billions? Go Bit Go now offers a new service by helping bitcoin investors and miners recover their lost or forgotten passwords so that they can access their virtual wallets and claim their fortunes. If you have lost or forgotten your bitcoin password, you only need a copy of your bitcoin wallet file, and an idea of your password. There is no fee if Go Bit Go cannot recover your password, and 15% fee when the password is successfully recovered. If there are 100 bitcoins in your recovered wallet, the fee would be 15 bitcoins. The password recovery service is also available for litecoins.

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