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Ignoring Grammar is Gambling with Your Future by Andrew Harris McElroy

Last updated Monday, January 13, 2014 08:47 ET

Andrew Harris McElroy explains how ignoring grammar is gambling with your future, noting you are 44 % more likely to get a promotion if you use better grammar.

Dallas, USA, 01/13/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

English teachers are repeatedly busted with the age-old question, “how will this help me in the real world?” any time the subject of grammar arises. Many students fail to understand the importance of grammar and the (slightly exaggerated) five billion uses for it in their every day lives, which is not news to teachers; this is partly due to the fact that even though students are taught about the concept of grammar from an early age, they still lack the ability to define the term, even by the time they reach the high school and collegiate levels.

So what is grammar? Grammar is the study or set of rules that define permissible sentence structure in a language. Some people simply define grammar as “the rules of language.”

Unfortunately, a negative connotation generally follows the notion of grammar, because grammar is frequently associated with the idea of errors and correctness. This often results in English teachers being referred to as “the grammar police.” However, grammar both describes and defines linguistic behavior (the basis behind communication), and communication is what allows the world to go round. It promotes unity and provides the ability for people to work together.

Accordingly, once students grasp what grammar actually encompasses, it is easy for them to understand why it is important and how it will benefit them throughout all of their academic and occupational endeavors (and how it has been benefiting them throughout their daily lives since they were born).

Ignoring concepts of grammar equates to gambling with future employment opportunities and the possibility of adding more dollars on a paycheck. In fact, research suggests that employees with a stronger grasp of grammar are 44 percent more likely to receive promotions and raises.

Regardless of what students desire to study or become “when they grow up,” they will need to have the ability to effectively communicate with peers, and grammar makes that possible.

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