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An Intelligent Parental Control App for Android

Last updated Friday, January 17, 2014 09:03 ET

This app helps define how much time kids must “Play This” app in order to unlock time to “Play That" app.

Boulder, United States, 01/17/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Two recent studies show the challenge parents have with balancing smartphone use among their kids. In one study, 1/3 of parents say smartphones should be banned for kids under 161. In another, 1/3 of kids under that age of 2 years old have used a smartphone or tablet.

Two parents based out of Rye Brook New York, just north of New York City, have developed an simple app to help parents overcome one of the most common challenges and concerns: Ensuring that kids use smartphones and tablets for education – including educational games, reading, math practice and other positive apps – while limiting the use of games or other entertainment apps.

Currently this can only be done effectively with direct supervision or by taking away the entire device. Instead, the new app called ‘Play This 2 Play That’ rewards kids in play time for engaging with educational apps. The more they play an educational game, as defined by each parent, the more time they unlock to play age-appropriate games, also defined by the parent.

These two categories, “Play This” and “Play That,” allow parents to set requirements and rewards. This gives children a selection of positive apps to choose from, and gives parents more control over which games and apps a child may use, including setting appropriate time limits.

“Play This 2 Play That was designed out of my own need and necessity as a parent after trying to guide and encourage my kids to spend time using apps that would help with math and reading skills,” said Luke Dolce, designer of the app. “Play This 2 Play That still gives my kids the ability to explore, imagine and play because they can select from any of the apps I’ve approved in either category, but also sets clear rules on how much game time is allowed. It is a great mix of incentives and rewards without requiring constant supervision and debate.”

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About Play This 2 Play That
Play This 2 Play That was built around one simple idea: Limiting Playtime and Maximize Learning. Smartphones and tablets provide great and intuitive opportunities for kids to learn, but also present a lot of distractions. We hope to resolve that by giving parents more control, and providing kids more incentives. For more information download our app for Android, or check out our website at http://www.PlayThis2PlayThat.com.