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The Gonzalez Recovery Residences Tackles Addiction Head-On

Last updated Friday, January 31, 2014 11:56 ET

The GRR is equipped to help addicts resist the temptations to relapse and gradually settling back into society.

01/31/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Those who are fighting alcohol addiction, health, wealth and brains can be wretched liabilities. With health feeding the denial, wealth resisting the ordinary treatment milieu, and brains outwitting those seeking help, the addict is left in a maddening existence of work and drink.

Statistics show at least 7% of the general population is affected; more can be accounted for when drugs and inhalants are factors. Indian River County, with a population of 139,767, is home to nearly 10,000 alcoholics. Only one in 36 will die sober, if intervention is avoided. But with proper treatment, one-third will be recovery prone, one-third will be recovery averse, and the middle third will tend to recover with additional treatment. The right post-treatment environment and a steady 12-Step program are essential for success, says Boris Gonzalez, a nearly native resident of Vero Beach.

With the Gonzalez Recovery Residences (GRR), he has created an inviting facility where addicts can have a "transformational", life-changing experience. The GRR is equipped to help addicts resist the temptations to relapse and gradually settling back into society. The GRR has a broad mix of architectural styles to reflect the prevailing taste within the particular community, from a suburban colonial home within the Washington, D.C. beltway to a Spanish Mizner-style villa with its own private courtyard. These upscale recovery residences, three in Florida and one in Virginia, provide family-style living and a weekly schedule of 21 activities that consists of ten 12-Step meetings. Each individual receives three exercise sessions, spiritual growth meetings, and leisure activities, one personal activity, and one family visit.

Price is hardly an obstacle with entry to any of the GRR facilities. Admission to one of the Gonzalez Recovery Residences requires motivation from potential residents and a recommendation by their therapist, physician or inpatient counselor. Residents generally arrive upon successful completion of a program at a referring treatment center or detox facility. The cost of residency, while not inexpensive, is less costly financially as well as emotionally than chronic relapse, says Gonzalez.

For more information on the Gonzalez Recovery Residences (GRR), please call us at 772-633-1097 or Toll-Free at 800-797-0938. Visit us online for more details on our long term treatment programs at www.thegrr.com.