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Start Your Bitcoin Casino – One of the Best Deals of 2014

Last updated Monday, February 17, 2014 08:14 ET

With an investment worth less than 10000 EUR, you can run a profitable and automated online casino business,without the stress of having to pay any monthly fees

London, UK, 02/17/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

The online gaming world has been revolutionized in 2013 by the multitude of crypto-currencies that took over the internet. The Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular of them all, and internet users are astonished by this digital-money payment method. Entrepreneurs who seek to start Bitcoin casinos have also become aware of the immense benefits that crypto-currencies can offer.

Nowadays, by using Bitcoin as payment method for online gaming sites, individuals who open such businesses save a lot of money and time. The greatest advantage of using Bitcoin is that operators do not have to obtain an expensive gambling license. Since crypto-currencies are not recognized as real money by any central authority or bank, players will not actually gamble at Bitcoin casinos. The definition of gambling is playing games of chance for money. So, if players use Bitcoins to bet at casino games, they are not gambling for real. Even so, many individuals and companies on the internet want to sell food, cars or even houses for Bitcoins. There are also many Bitcoin exchange platforms available on the World Wide Web (like MtGox). Here, people can easily exchange Bitcoins for real money.

Other amazing advantages of the Bitcoin are that transactions cannot be traced or reversed. Furthermore, banks, financial institutions and central authorities will not ask for any taxes, fees or commissions. That means “NO” to income taxes, because bitcoin is tax-free. Operators who start Bitcoin casinos will not have to cooperate with any banks, since deposits and withdrawals can be automated using BitCoin API. Thus, transactions can run easily without any third party getting involved.

When it comes to how much money a Bitcoin gaming site can generate, operators should know that the most popular Bitcoin based casino raked in over $500,000 in six months. Fortunately for operators who want to create Bitcoin casinos, there are several gaming providers who even offer special prices for casino software and games. One of the best examples is CasinoWebScripts’ starter package, which costs 9,500 EUR (discounted from 15,000 EUR). This company claims to offer this package that includes ten state-of-the-art games, software and Bitcoin integration, for a limited period of time. They also announced that they do not ask for monthly fees from operators’ profits. CasinoWebScripts’ reviews have placed this company on top of the list for many operators wanting to open a bitcoin casino.

So with an investment worth less than 10,000 EUR, anybody can run a profitable and automated online casino business, without the stress of having to pay any monthly fees, and using the latest technology available.

Starting Bitcoin casinos nowadays can be a great deal, and the multitude of crypto-currencies, like Litecoin, Dogecoin or Casinocoin will surely provide more opportunities for operators.