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Be More Inspirational and Less Influential

Last updated Tuesday, June 3, 2014 11:06 ET

You can light a fire under their butt to get the work done that day, or you can light a fire in their soul to get the work done for a lifetime.

06/03/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Renowned speaker, author, and founder of Target Leadership Jeff "Odie" Espenship will share inspirational lessons in life and leadership at the 30th Annual VPPPA safety leadership conference held at The Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, MD, August 25-28, 2014.

With approximately 3,000 attendees, 300 exhibitors and over 100 quality workshops, our nations top corporations across all industries are sending employees who are responsible for health, safety and risk management of their respective operations. The goal of this years conference is to create an atmosphere to give attendees the knowledge and leadership inspiration needed to successfully lead positive changes around their workplace in order to enhance safety and improve performance. Therefore, businesses across all industries are encouraged to send all employees responsible for health, safety and risk management operations.

VPPPA has invited Jeff "Odie" Espenship, a former US Air Force fighter pilot, to be the opening keynote speaker. Odie shares personal examples of triumphs and failures, including the loss his brother in a tragic plane crash, as a backdrop to his message. The aviation accident investigation revealed his brother may have taken a short cut, the same short cut he saw Odie take just six months previous. Odie asks himself the tough question, "Did my actions on a prior job possibly influence my brother's action on a future job?" In essence, showing him how to break the rules and still live? We never know who or how we are influencing others by our behaviors, actions, and words. Everyone has the power to influence the future behaviors, thought patterns, perceptions, even values of those around them, often without realizing it.

Odie encourages each of us to serve more as a person of inspiration. As a leader, you might not inspire everyone, but you will inspire someone, and that might make the very difference in that person being on a headline or on a headstone. What is going to be your legacy? The little things matter when it comes to leaders inspiring others. Watch out for complacency - the silent killer, short cuts, distractions, poor focus, inattention to detail, and pressures to perform (get it done). Good intentions mixed with personal pressures and deadlines push many of us into doing something dumb, dangerous, or different. We cannot rely on luck to pull ourselves out of a situation we behaved our way into. Spend a few seconds of your life doing it right because you can lose your life in a few seconds doing it wrong.

Odie's book, Target Leadership: An Inspirational Leadership Book has received rave reviews and is available on his website at Target Leadership and also in e-reader format on Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Nobel Nook, and Apple's IBook.

Book Jeff "Odie" Espenship to speak at your next corporate event: Contact [email protected] or call 800-392-1544

Pulling Through by Jeff "Odie" Espenship (Trailer) from Audie Osborn on Vimeo.