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Indian Hair Weave Sales Soaring! Where To Buy The Best Remy Indian Hair?

Last updated Wednesday, June 25, 2014 06:55 ET

Aymani Hair Imports Peruvian Remy Hair, Malaysian Remy Hair, and Cambodian Human Hair are still exceeding sales projections, but their popularity of their Remy Indian Hair caught them completely off guard.

New Orleans, United States, 06/25/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Remy Indian Hair Sales Are Soaring Thanks To African American Women

New Orleans Louisiana

Aymani Hair Imports (AHI) – a leading importer of Virgin Human Hair - has just released their First Quarter Earnings and sales of Indian Human Hair lead all categories thanks to African American Women. According to the CEO of AHI, sales of their Indian Hair Weave even topped the sales of their Brazilian Human Hair Weave for the first time ever. With the increase in sales for real Indian Human Hair the buyers for Aymani Hair Imports are now expanding their list of Indian Hair Wholesalers, and have also increased their purchasing in Hyderabad India in order to meet the demand.

Best Bundle Deal On Indian Hair?

For the past five years the number one selling texture of Remy Hair has been Brazilian Virgin Hair because of the density, and thickness of the hair cuticles. When it comes to longevity there is no comparison to life span of Indian Human Hair. When asked what has led to the increase in sales of Indian Human Hair – Aymani Hair Imports CEO Rowan Raegan says it’s due the hand selected quality of their Indian Human hair, and the 12 month life span of their cuticles.

Best Indian Hair Weave to buy?

“When a customer can buy three bundles for Indian Human Hair and after 8 consecutive months that hair looks just as fabulous as it did on day one, then we’ve earned a very loyal customer. Our buyers are under strict instructions to only import Virgin Indian Hair that has the elasticity, durability, and uniqueness to last one year or longer. It’s true that we don’t see our customers that often, and that’s due to the quality of our hair. The one thing that is for certain is we will see them again next year, and I am okay that.”

Raegan went on to say that sales of their other product lines of Peruvian Remy Hair, Malaysian Remy Hair, and Cambodian Human Hair are still exceeding sales projections, but their popularity of their Indian Hair caught them completely off guard.

“Sure I would like to take credit for predicting the huge jump in sales of our Indian Hair Weave, but I was just as shocked as our sales managers. Having said that, I knew that if we focused on quality versus quantity, customer loyalty would be the reward for our commitment to finding the highest grade of human hair weaves in the world.”

The sales of Human Hair Weave has blossomed into a $3.4 billion a year industry, with most of the importing into the United States coming from China. Rowan Raegan says that as much as she appreciates her partners in China – when it comes to finding the Best Human Hair for Hair Weaves then had to have boots on the ground. African American Women represent the largest consumer of the human Hair Weave Industry, sales demographics that also holds true for Aymani Hair Imports.

Best Brazilian Hair Bundles

Founded in 2010 by a group of buyers from one of the world’s largest Remy hair companies – Aymani Hair Imports started as a human hair private labeling company for Remy Hair Investors. While waiting for their non-complete contract to expire with their previous client, the popularity of their hair weaves steadily increased in the wholesale markets in the United States, and the UK. Finally in 2013 and no longer restricted from consumer sales, Aymani Hair Imports was able to start offering their own brand of Human Hair Extensions to the general public.

“With simply word of mouth and referrals from long term Salon Owners, our telephones started to ring in the sales office. Only then did was it confirmed that we had perhaps the best hair weaves online.” Says Raegan.

Aymani Hair Imports has plans to open four store front locations in New Orleans, Houston, and Atlanta starting in 2015, but for now the CEO says they will continue to offer their top selling human hair weaves online, and at affordable rates. With no slump in sales forecasted for the Remy Hair Industry, Aymani Hair Imports is now on a path that will land them permanently at the pinnacle of the Best human Hair Weave companies in the industry.

If you would like to learn more about Aymani Hair Imports or if you would like to trying their top selling Indian Human Hair Weave please visit their Website at http://www.AymaniHair.com