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Neurobiologix Celebrates Season Four of Coffee with Dr. Stewart Radio

Last updated Monday, December 18, 2017 16:41 ET

Neurobiologix's podcast, Coffee With Dr. Stewart, starts its fourth season.

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Neurobiologix, a leading provider of pharmaceutical grade nutrition and nutrigenomic solutions, is celebrating the release of the fourth season of its podcast, Coffee with Dr. Stewart. The podcast, launched in 2014, features insights from Dr. Kendal Stewart, MD, Neurobiologix's Chief Science Officer, and world-renowned medical specialist for autism, genetic issues, and neuro-immune syndromes.


Coffee with Dr. Stewart, a conversational interview series between brother and sister, discusses a range of health and nutrition topics from genetic testing and methylation deficiencies to immune issues and how stress affects the body and overall health. We provide up-to-date medical information on health issues affecting people daily and Dr. Stewart shares how he helps his patients.


“We are very excited to share our fourth season with listeners and celebrate this great milestone,” said Kara Stewart, Neurobiologix CEO and host of Coffee with Dr. Stewart. “Dr. Stewart and I created the show three years ago to help patients better understand complex health issues and to provide recommendations for their wellness and healing.”


The first episode of the new season will discuss emotional and mental stress and the effects it has on our health and will air on 12/9/17. Coffee with Dr. Stewart currently has 1,500 subscribers and over 400,000+downloads.


Listeners can subscribe to Coffee with Dr. Stewart on iTunes. The episodes are also available here.




About Neurobiologix

Founded in 2008, Neurobiologix is a leading provider of pharmaceutical grade nutrition for consumers and medical providers. Along with Genomix Nutrition we help patients determine personalized nutritional supplement needs and health recommendations. For more information on please visit our website www.Neurobiologix.com


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