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Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari in Tanzania: A Special Offer for April

Last updated Wednesday, January 10, 2018 13:37 ET

Special offer for April from Altezza Travel. Two-day safari tour in National parks with a 3% discount, Kilimanjaro climbing on Marangu route with a 10% discount

Moshi, Tanzania, 01/10/2018 / SubmitMyPR /

Kilimanjaro climb and safari in Tanzania: A Special offer for April from Altezza Travel

Moshi, Tanzania

Altezza Travel - Tanzania tour operator offers an unforgettable experience of Kilimanjaro climbing on the legendary Marangu route, as well as Tanzania safari tour with a discount of 3 to 10%. This special offer is available for groups interested in safari or Kilimanjaro expeditions only in April 2018.

Fancy seeing the sunrise from Africa’s highest peak saving 10% of the standard cost? Kilimanjaro climb doesn’t require special training. Altezza Travel offers group expeditions to Mount Kilimanjaro on Marangu route in April 2018. Marangu route is highly popular with climbers since it is believed to be one of the less challenging ones. Spreading on the South-Eastern side of the mountain it leads to Kilimanjaro’s summit, leading through a wide pathway - starting in a forest, running all the way through picturesque slopes, passing to the rocky volcanic neck and reaching its culmination along the crater’s edge. The expedition includes a 6-day tour with one additional day for acclimatization. For sleepover, the Marangu route is equipped with special huts, which ensure protection from bad weather.

Where else can you see so many animals in such a short period of time? A two-day tour in national parks of Tarangire and Ngorongoro with a 3% discount. A perfect chance to watch lions, hippos, antelopes, rhinoceroses and other inhabitants of the African savanna. Eventful safari program with English-speaking guides in comfortable SUVs will leave no wildlife enthusiast indifferent.

 About Altezza Travel

Altezza Travel is a tour operator, specialized in organizing safari tours in national parks of Northern Tanzania, as well as Kilimanjaro expeditions and vacations on Zanzibar island. The company is headquartered in Moshi, at the very slope of Kilimanjaro. Located in Tanzania, Altezza Travel ensures maximal support and guidance, as well as an individual approach to serving every single tourist. Meeting the client, accompanying, ensuring safety throughout the entire stay in Tanzania is all included in the package.

1,142 climbers reached Africa’s highest point hand in hand with Altezza Travel last year! More than 700 people from all over the world experienced the safari in Tanzania with Altezza Travel’s guides.

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