New Release: Dance of Eternal Rapture

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dance of Eternal Rapture: Understanding Who We Are on the Human Journey, by Garnet Schulhauser, has been released by Ozark Mountain Publishing.

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Ozark Mountain Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Dance of Eternal Rapture: Understanding Who We Are on the Human Journey by Garnet Schulhauser.

Dance of Eternal Rapture, which is Schulhauser’s fourth non-fiction book in the spiritual genre, continues the saga of the author’s spiritual awakening that began when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert who turned out to be a wise spirit in disguise. The author’s first three books, Dancing on a Stamp, Dancing Forever with Spirit and Dance of Heavenly Bliss, describe his first encounter with Albert and the provocative dialogue that ensued, as well as a series of astral trips he took with Albert to the Spirit Side and to other parts of our galaxy.

In his fourth book, the author describes his most recent astral trips with Albert who introduced him to some wise and famous souls in the Spirit Realm, including Mohammed, Buddha, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus, all of whom revealed startling new truths about their lives on Earth. As well, he was honored to hear words of wisdom from two famous Archangels, Ariel and Michael.

On the Earth plane, the author met with Gaia, the consciousness of Mother Earth, who reiterated her warning that humans must stop polluting our planet and abusing her beloved creatures, or things would end very badly for our civilization.

And one of his most fascinating adventures involved a journey to Earth in a parallel universe where the American Civil War never happened because Europe had abolished slavery before the colonization of America, and the World Trade Towers in New York were still standing because Islam did not exist as a religion due to the tragic death of Mohammed at an early age.

Dance of Eternal Rapture (ISBN 9781940265476 ) can be purchased from Ozark Mountain Publishing, from all the popular online stores (with BUY links on the author’s website:, and from many Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo stores.

About Garnet Schulhauser

Garnet Schulhauser is a retired lawyer who lives near Victoria, on Vancouver Island, with his wife Cathy. After practicing corporate law for over thirty years in Calgary with two blue-chip law firms, he retired in 2008 and his first book, Dancing on a Stamp, was published in 2012, followed by his second and third books, Dancing Forever with Spirit and Dance of Heavenly  Bliss, in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Since the release of his first book, Garnet has been active with book signing tours and speaking engagements and has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows. More information about Schulhauser and his books can be found on his website:



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