Rueben Wood Launches New Startup The SOM Music Agency

Rueben Wood Launches New Startup The SOM Music Agency
Thursday, February 15, 2018

SOM Music Agency is a Marketing/Promotional Company focused on building, creating, and supporting talented individuals in a unique way.

Atlanta, GA, United States, 02/15/2018 / /

The SOM Music Agency has been launched by entrepreneur and producer Rueben Wood. The new startup will create a new way to market talent and create successful partnerships with brands. The company is expected to be a full-service talent agency and distribution hub for musical acts seeking an outlet to partner with. The overall scope is to build the fan base of talent as well as create amazing experiences as work is completed in the utmost professional way. SOM has collectively created a system that will help get the brand and talent out there in a major way to not only get them known but also keep them known in the public eye!

Not to be just another influencer platform or talent agency, SOM strives to be more diverse with the market reach and goals. Brands of several different industries will have the opportunity to work with well known and upcoming influencers, music artist, producers, DJs, sports figures, YouTubers, actors/actresses, and entrepreneurs that are niche driven. This will become a stepping stone for how market research and advertising will be cultivated for the coming years. Already on the rise influencer marketing has kept many brands fresh and alive. With a more controlled outlook the way consumers will see brands can become more interactive and hands-on, but also have some of there favorite personalities endorse a product directly.

Wood has been developing ways on how to approach marketing in the entertainment and business world for some time. Some industries are in direct need of influencer marketing and endorsements to thrive while others continue to grow semi organically. But with a new approach, and by creating his own resources and flagship marketing firm there will be much in store for the SOM brand. If you are an influencer or looking to be one visit and sign up.  


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