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10 Reasons to Invest in Law Firm SEO

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Can your site really benefit from law firm SEO? Let's talk about the top reasons why it's worth investing in, plus some tips to start growing your client base.

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Did you know most businesses are now spending an average of $75,000 a year on digital marketing alone?

It can be difficult to measure whether all this spending is coming back to you. Rather than continuing to buy video and ad space, you should invest in law firm SEO to attract new clients.

Search engine optimization (SEO) prepares sites to be easily indexed by web crawlers that search engines rely on to categorize websites. Sites that can be easily crawled and indexed, with clear keywords and simple organization, will be returned more quickly than complicated sites.

On the other hand, sites that have broken links, slow-loading images, or generic keywords could be penalized.

If you want to know how you can benefit from improved law firm SEO on your site, here are the top 10 reasons.

1. It's Cheaper Than Adwords and PPC

Getting listed at the top of search results could cost you next to nothing. Paying for ads could cost you thousands and return mediocre results. While you're paying for advertising, your site could be doing the work for you.

Rather than paying $5 for every click over to your site, the right combination of keywords and local law firm SEO phrases in your metadata will get you to the top.

You might be able to make most of these changes in-house. Once you get an analysis from an SEO provider, the rest of the work is up to you. Writing lots of high-quality content for a law blog will also improve your law firm SEO.

If you like to write, this solution won't cost you anything and it'll allow you to share some of your ideas about law.

2. Measurable Increases in Traffic

If you're not already using a site tool like Google Analytics, you should be. This will allow you to measure the results in traffic from each change to your site. If you've rolled out a new ad campaign, watching the results will allow you to see how well it's working.

Because web crawlers are constantly checking for changes on websites, changes in your search engine rankings should appear immediately. You can use analytical tools to watch as it happens.

If you don't see increases in traffic after a couple of weeks, tweak your approach until you start seeing the results you want. Law firm SEO is all about how you can differentiate yourself while also competing with the local legal market. Find unique ways to say the things your customers will be looking for.

3. Increased Credibility

Users trust the first results they see in their Google searches. Statistically, the first result of a search will get a click 33% of the time. The percentage drops off exponentially with the later pages getting almost no clicks at all.

Your law firm SEO strategy will get you close to the top in no time. With the power of a high Google search ranking behind you, people will trust your website. Lower rankings are stifled by an increased lack of credibility that correlates with the percentage of clicks they get.

If you create a blog and other content pages, your home page will come up as the first result with other subpages listed below. While not every one of your pages should have the same metadata, descriptions, and keywords, they will likely overlap if you write enough blog entries.

Visitors' faith in your brand will multiply if they see more pages from your law firm listed beneath the main page.

4. Higher Return on Investment

While you might only get a few dozen clicks from a paid ad, you'll see at least twice as many from your law firm SEO efforts. This means a higher number of clients and higher profits for your firm.  And since you're investing less in SEO than in traditional marketing efforts, you'll see a much higher return on your investment than ad purchases. Other marketing efforts struggle to match the kind of buying power that SEO can bring.

When you get a hit from a search engine, it's because someone searched for your services. This means that they're ready to become a customer before they come into contact with you. If you can get their click from a reputable search engine like Google, you can convert that click into a sale much easier than you could from an ad.

People accidentally click ads all the time. That's not the case on search engines.

5. If You're Not Doing It...

...then you can bet your competitors are on top of it. SEO is one of the fastest growing services on the internet. As more people learn about it, it will become harder to stake out your search engine space.

Repeat customers will come back to a firm they're happy with 20-40% of the time. Since law firms are one of the industries where referrals and repeat customers are a must, you know that once a firm has a customer, they likely have their loyalty.

That's one of the things that makes law firm SEO of such critical importance.

Even if you're offering the best legal services in town, it's all about who gets in touch with customers first. No one likes to spend hours searching for the right service. Getting clients to your firm's website will almost ensure that you'll get their business over your competitors.

6. Your Business Could Expand

If you're contemplating some growth to your business, a law firm SEO strategy could let you know how feasible this change is for your firm. It could be that the only thing keeping you from expanding is getting more internet traffic.

Good SEO can ensure thousands of hits to your site every week. For such a low cost, SEO solutions can do more to expand your business than a major promotional campaign or hiring more staff.

The results of your SEO could be the fuel to get your firm to hit higher heights than you imagined.

7. SEO Helps You Stand Out

With thousands of other law sites on the web, the best way to stand out is to make sure that a wide variety of clients can find you.

SEO allows you to use your content to help you grow. With so much competition, this could be your best bet for standing out.

Most law firms use an older approach to marketing and promotion. Using SEO will allow you to be at the cutting edge of marketing and at the top of the results at the same time.

8. The First Result Matters

It can't be overstated how important it is to be the first result on a search engine.

You may have noticed that if you search for something rather generic like "pizza" or "pharmacy", you'll get results relatively close to where you're located. This is because search engines comb through the data on each page for terms that match the zip code or city you're located in.

Making sure you have enough local terms, geographic markers and zip codes in your data and text will get you to the top of the most meaningful results. Local SEO is the best local advertising you can do.

9. You'll Get Data

Whether you set up analytical tools yourself or pay for SEO services, you'll get lots of data. This data can be broken down by SEO professionals to help you understand what your next steps should be.

You'll end up with lots of client data showing you where your customers are coming from and how they're getting to your site. You'll see who's coming to you through ads and which keyword searches are working best.

You'll be able to link up your client details, income, and expenditures to see what's working for your firm. Getting an idea of the best keywords will help you shape every subsequent post and SEO effort.

10. SEO Results Are Permanent

SEO results don't require a subscription. Once you start getting results from your efforts, you can only grow from there.

You'll need to alter your keywords and posts as your clients' needs and trends change, but you won't drop in the ranking once SEO is set up.

If you get that top spot, you'll probably have to fight for it. But once you have the tools to do it once, you can keep using that approach to stay on top.

Law Firm SEO Is Essential to Survival

As the playing field for client outreach changes, your law firm SEO strategy will play a larger part in your efforts.

Focusing on SEO, along with creating great content and great social media posts will ensure you're in front of the customers who need you the most.

If you're ready to start engaging a better SEO strategy, contact us today.

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