Tanzania Tour Operator Altezza Travel Helps Makao Farm Take Care Of Wild Animals

Tanzania Tour Operator Altezza Travel Helps Makao Farm Take Care Of Wild Animals
Monday, March 12, 2018

Tanzania’s leading tour operator Altezza Travel has embarked on a new mission which is helping to save and protect African fauna

Moshi, Tanzania, 03/12/2018 / Story.KISSPR.com /

The Moshi-based tour operator Altezza Travel, which specializes in organizing expeditions to Mount Kilimanjaro and safari tours in Tanzania, is thrilled to launch a philanthropy project which is about offering support to the Makoa Farm. The farm is a 1.5-hour drive from Arusha and very close to the old German town of Moshi.

Makao Farm is a farm lodge, a vet clinic and a rehabilitation center that takes care of the animals that were caught as targets by poachers. Baby elephants, tigers, leopards, and lemurs, deprived of parental care, find shelter at Makoa Farm where kind and caring people, including volunteers, feed them with a milk replacer. This is a special formula, almost identical to breast milk, and with friends from Makoa Farm and other kind-hearted members of the community, Altezza Travel makes sure it is always in good supply in Tanzania, regularly importing it from Germany. The farm is a salvation for the preservation of wildlife, considering that some animals, like elephants, are fed by breast milk up to 4 years. The baby elephant in the photo was adopted by a female elephant resident of Ndarakwai Ranch, but his new mom has no milk to feed him. Now the new inhabitant of Makao Farm enjoys his safe and happy childhood at the farm, which is actually the ultimate mission of the farm, volunteers, and Altezza Travel.


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