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Deborah Acosta Leads in Blockchain as SyncFab Advisor

Last updated Wednesday, September 19, 2018 16:18 ET , Source: ThronePR

Smart city pioneer Deborah Acosta has joined the advisory board for the blockchain-based manufacturing supply chain company SyncFab.

New York, USA, 09/19/2018 / SubmitMyPR /

SAN LEANDRO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 18, 2018 / Smart city pioneer Deborah Acosta has joined the advisory board for the blockchain-based manufacturing supply chain company SyncFab. She is part of a growing group of female leaders who are making notable contributions to the flourishing industry, bucking a trend where 86% of projects were being male-lead, according to a Quartz survey.

As CEO and co-founder of We Accelerate Women's Impact, known shortly as WeAccel, Deborah heads a unique consulting firm. WeAccel helps large employers in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women to address constant staffing challenges. The San Leandro-based organization focuses on creating a pipeline of diverse talent to help organizations achieve growth.

These contributions stem from her extensive experience in the sector. Before WeAccel, Deborah was the City of San Leandro's first Chief Innovation Office and third municipal CIO in the country. During her five-year tenure, Deborah transformed the city by establishing and leveraging its investment in fiber optics to create a smart city ecosystem based on strategic initiatives.

It was amid these innovations that the City of San Leandro partnered with SyncFab to advance the manufacturing strategy within its Fiber Optic Masterplan. In acknowledgment of Deborah's positive impact on the community, the company is now enthusiastic to announce her new role as part of its advisory board. SyncFab will count on her insights as it continues to advance toward strategic milestones in transforming manufacturing supply chains using blockchain.

"Working with SyncFab is a natural fit for me, and I'm honored to be part of the advisory team," said Deborah Acosta. "There is significant growth anticipated in manufacturing and blockchain technologies. This growth requires workforce talent and experience to develop and manage these advanced manufacturing systems. SyncFab and WeAccel's mission and services are aligned to provide increased business opportunities for manufacturers and access to a pipeline of local, talented individuals for their increasing workforce needs."

About SyncFab

Headquartered near Silicon Valley, SyncFab is an active provider of best-in-class precision parts production solutions for supply chain buyers and hardware brand manufacturers. The company is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with blockchain and smart contracts for distributed manufacturing to incentivize the blue collar working class for time they're currently not compensated for while improving supply chain responsiveness for small and medium-sized hardware buyers. The platform matches industrial parts purchasers with a growing network of machine shops and advanced precision manufacturing facilities mapped by who is local and who is clean - an ISO 50001 US DOE certification for efficient energy management. SyncFab's state-of-the-art B2B ecosystem enables sustainable local advanced manufacturing economy by allowing buyers to procure, manage, and track parts production online. The ecosystem illustrates the advantages of local production efficiency and makes procurement bidding processes more transparent through the power of the Internet, blockchain, and online payment. SyncFab collaborates with federal and municipal government initiatives in public-private partnerships to advance civic innovation and economic development.

For more information on SyncFab and the SyncFab Manufacturing Blockchain, please visit https://syncfab.com

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