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SyncFab CEO to Share Insights on Manufacturing Blockchain at IoT Evolution Expo

Last updated Tuesday, January 29, 2019 09:15 ET , Source: ThronePR

SyncFab CEO Jeremy Goodwin is invited to share some of the company’s key insights at the IoT Blockchain Workshop and Certification.

New York, USA, 01/29/2019 / SubmitMyPR /

Fort Lauderdale, FL, January 29 — SyncFab CEO Jeremy Goodwin is invited to share some of the company’s key insights at the IoT Blockchain Workshop and Certification. The IoT Evolution Expo has been gathering pioneering projects in the industry since 2009. This year the focus is placed on blockchain leaders that can educate companies on how new developments in the field could impact their businesses. The expo is taking place at the Broward County Convention Center, January 29 - February 1, 2019. The workshop participants will receive a certification of specialization.

SyncFab’s solutions have piqued the interest of mechanical engineers and supply chain procurement managers from large OEMs to hardware startups, making the blockchain smart manufacturing company a sought-after innovator in the budding field. The convergence between blockchain and IoT technology is a major leap forward in advanced manufacturing, and SyncFab has led the way in network procurement technology since 2013. Its manufacturing procurement platform is the first to create a blockchain secured procurement process for OEM precision parts publicly available for commercial use.

At the IoT Evolution Expo, Goodwin will explain the advantages of managing manufacturing supply chains using blockchain technology. "I look forward to speaking to our vision of the application of blockchain in the evolution of industrial internet of things (IIoT) development and deployment.  New technologies let us move data and customized solutions to the cloud more effectively secured by blockchain. The era of ERPs will transition away as a result,” said Goodwin. SyncFab’s solutions could bring significant time and cost savings in important manufacturing strategies such as the just in time method.  Everything from sourcing to procurement and production management faces the challenge of tracking tracing and transferring assets. Blockchain can be applied to optimize these requirements.

The IoT Blockchain Workshop and Certification will feature 9 prominent speakers, all experts in the field of blockchain technology.  “We’re thrilled to have Jeremy along with other blockchain and IoT leaders as part of our first-ever education and certification gathering,” said Don DeLoach, president and COO of Centri Technology, the workshop moderator. “The upside for manufacturers and their supply chain partners who adopt blockchain to simplify and secure how OEMs request and respond to vendor proposals has the potential to dramatically reduce complexity and cost of procurement activities.”

The discussion will range from developing a business plan for a blockchain project to applying blockchain solutions to various industries, such as energy markets, connected cars, and healthcare.

About SyncFab

Founded and headquartered near Silicon Valley, SyncFab is a distributed manufacturing platform that streamlines the way buyers procure, manage, and track precision parts production securely using blockchain technology. Through partnerships with federal and municipal government initiatives, SyncFab helps spur economic development by making regional suppliers with idle manufacturing capacity more accessible and responsive to buyers to enable a shift towards cleaner, local manufacturers worldwide. SyncFab is Partner to CESMII, The U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Network appointed by the White House. SyncFab municipal partners include the San Francisco Bay Area city of San Leandro in partnership with San Francisco, Oakland and West Sacramento amongst others.