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Dallas Law Office of Broden and Mickelsen Give Rare Insight Into Criminal Appeals Process

Last updated Tuesday, June 4, 2019 07:17 ET

The appellate attorneys at Broden and Mickelsen provide professional insights on a strategic approach to the criminal appeals process.

Dallas, USA, 06/04/2019 / SubmitMyPR /

Dallas, TX / June 4, 2019 / -- The Law Office of Broden & Mickelsen, experienced appellate attorneys providing legal services to the greater Dallas area, has released two new blogs to their website. In these recent additions, attorneys at Broden & Mickelsen demonstrate the depth of their experience by targeting crucial topics pertaining to criminal appeals.

“Criminal defense attorneys and appellate attorneys have different perspectives when it comes to looking at the details of a case,” stated attorney Mick Mickelsen, criminal appeals lawyer at Broden & Mickelsen. “It’s important for defendants to realize that defense and appellate attorneys can work together simultaneously to build the strongest defense and case for an appeal.”

In their blog titled "Should You Hire an Appellate Attorney in Addition to a Criminal Defense Lawyer?" Broden & Mickelsen talk about how and why criminal defense lawyers and appellate attorneys can work together, rather than as separate entities, in securing the best outcome in a criminal trial.

In "How to Successfully Win a Criminal Appeal in Texas," Broden & Mickelsen go further into the appeals process to highlight ways that defendants in criminal cases can help to ensure that their motion for an appeal receives the consideration that it deserves.

“When a motion for an appeal is filed, the odds are frequently stacked against the defendant,” Mickelsen added. “An experienced appellate attorney can turn these odds around. The chances of an appeal being granted improve when the client is actively supporting and working with the appellate attorney throughout the entire process.”

As one of the most well respected appellate teams in Dallas, the Law Office of Broden & Mickelsen understand the challenges of the appeals process and how to overcome them. Broden & Mickelsen encourages anyone who has been found guilty or issued a harsh sentence in a criminal trial to reach out to their experienced appellate team directly for a consultation. You can also read more about appellate law and white collar crimes in Dallas on their website blog.


Broden & Mickelsen are a team of criminal defense attorneys representing the Dallas area. With more than 50 years of combined experience in criminal and appellate law, attorneys Clint Broden and Mick Mickelsen have earned multiple accolades and awards, including being awarded Thomson Reuter’s Texas Super Lawyer every year for more than a decade. For more information or a consultation, contact the office of Broden & Mickelsen at 214-720-9552.

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