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Why Controversial Film Todos Combianos Everybody Changes Could Earn Panama It’s First Oscar

Last updated Monday, October 14, 2019 01:00 ET

Jorge Ameer is a filmmaker with a vision. As a representative of Todos Combianos, we can see Jorge moving this picture to the magnificent first Oscar in Panama’s history.

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Jorge Ameer, a prolific and fantastic filmmaker who has a gift for making unique movies, is promoting Todos Cambianos (Everybody Changes), a film produced by Arturo Montenegro. Someone like Jorge Ameer is the perfect person to represent the movie Todos Combianos, because he has a history of making controversial films, and he knows that this movie has the potential to win the first Oscar for Panama.

The latest movie that Jorge Ameer is a representative for, through his company Hollywood Independents, Todos Cambianos, or Everybody Changes, tells the story of an ordinary family man, who undergoes an unusual change. In this extremely controversial film Todos Combianos, Frederico, strangely dresses up as a lady when he goes out on dates with his wife. What begins as an innocent-looking game turns into something much darker, which slowly, and then erratically threatens to break up and destroy their family. The marvelous film Todos Combianos recently won nine awards at the Los Angeles Film Awards, especially the Best LGBTQ Film and Best Director.

Ameer is also well-known for filming one of his latest film projects called The Family Tree. It is both inventive and touching at the same time. The narrative goes into detail about a workaholic animal rescuer, who’s problems persist endlessly even during the holidays. One Christmas something otherworldly comes into existence as part of an old Panamanian tradition, in order to show him the true meaning of life, family, and friends.

This drama originated from Ameer’s love and adoration of the Christmas season and the merry decorating, and celebrating he grew up with during his childhood in Panama. He also loves and cares for animals and wants to make better conditions for undocumented immigrants. This beautiful family movie also teaches us a very true part of life, which is that fate has so much in store for us, and we can’t plan everything in life. The Family Tree was created by Jorge Ameer and will be released in 2020. It is a controversial story in terms of how it incorporates the issue, of undocumented immigrants as well as animal rights into the holiday season. The cinematography is excellent and the cast for the movie is incredible. 

During his filmmaking career, Jorge Ameer created his greatest work of art, the movie Oasis, a psychological thriller released in 2018, and represented Panama at the Golden Globes. The movie unites the two continents and two worlds of North and South America in the beautiful scenery, of tropics and jungles, but don’t let the beauty deceive you. There is something sinister behind it all if you look beyond what is in front of you.

Jorge Ameer is a filmmaker with a vision. As a representative of Todos Combianos, we can see Jorge moving this picture to the magnificent first Oscar in Panama’s history. He knows from experience how to make a brilliant film that challenges the status quo and wins awards.

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