Dallas Sexual Offenses Lawyer Explains Sex Offender Registry

Dallas Sexual Offenses Lawyer Explains Sex Offender Registry

Dallas Sexual Offenses Lawyers at Broden and Mickelsen, share the steps on what to do to get removed from the Sex Offender Registry.

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Dallas, TX — In a recent blog article, Dallas Sexual Offenses Lawyers Broden and Mickelsen have shared the steps to getting yourself removed from the Texas sex offender registry.

While society tends to think of people on the sex offender registry as serial predators or violent criminals, the reality is that about half of the 800,000 Americans on the registry commited offenses many people wouldn’t even consider crimes. 

In some cases, a young person is required to register as a sex offender because they had sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend who was technically underage at the time, or unknowingly had sex with an underaged party. Such cases can result in devastating consequences. If you’ve been required to register as a sex offender in Texas, you may be wondering if you’re eligible to come off the registry and how you go about making it happen.

If you’re serious about reclaiming your reputation and getting your name removed from the sex offender registry, it’s in your best interests to work with an experienced Texas sex crimes defense lawyer. 

In the meantime, Dallas Sexual Offenses Lawyers, Broden and Mickelsen share the steps you will need to take: 

  • Determine if you’re eligible to have your name removed from the Texas sex offender registry. 
  • Submit an application for deregistration to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment. 
  • Undergo evaluation by a professional. This evaluation will contain written and oral sections and will be added to your application.
  • Have your lawyer file a petition with the court. If the judge deems you eligible, the court will issue an order for your removal from the registry.
  • Submit this court order to the Department of Public Safety, as this is the entity that actually removes your name from the registry.

In some cases, people may not be aware that they’re eligible to have their name removed from the Texas sex offender registry. If you have completed your sentence and complied with all the requirements set forth by the court, you have the right to reclaim your reputation and put the past behind you for good. Contact a Texas sex crimes defense lawyer to learn more about your options.  

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