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How and What to Pack for My Long-Distance Move

Last updated Thursday, March 26, 2020 06:55 ET

Even if you’ve moved many times, packing tips will help when moving long-distance. Today, we’re sharing the best tips on how to keep your items safe, save money, and avoid packing unnecessary items.

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How and What to Pack for My Long-Distance Move

No matter how far you’re moving, packing up your house is a tall order.  There are several steps to take that will contribute to a happy, successful move.  A big one is ensuring you pack the right way.

Even if you’ve moved dozens of times, when you’re moving long-distance, packing tips will help.  We’re going to tell you how to maintain your items’ safety, save money, and avoid packing unnecessary items.  

Here we go, the best long-distance packing tips:

Know what you’re taking

When moving long-distance you may not have access to your items for several days, even weeks.  That can be stressful in and of itself, but if you know exactly what you’ve packed, it will help with the chaos.

Take a good inventory of your packed belongings, be as specific as you can, and be sure you keep the list with you.  Check out inventory moving apps that can aid in this process.  If you’d prefer to keep it old-school, a pen and notepad work just fine.  

Item placement 

Be sure that all of the items you’re taking on your long-distance move will fit in your new home.  Square footage is a good starting point, but keep in mind door and window placements, vents, fireplaces, architectural details, etc. These things can minimize wall and floor space.  

Take note of each room’s usable space and get the measurements if possible. Doing so will minimize the prospect of bringing items that won’t end up fitting in your new house, which will save you money and time.

Get rid of unnecessary items

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll just get rid of unwanted items after your move.  This is a huge waste of your resources. You may think you don’t have time to get rid of unwanted or unnecessary items prior to your move, but make the time.  

Start planning a garage sale, a trip to the dump or the consignment store, schedule a donation pick-up, or get your friends and family over to rummage through your belongings and take what they want (and you don’t).  Doing this early on in your moving process will give you time to sort through your things properly and get those items out of your way. 

Be organized

It may seem faster to pack if you just toss any random item into a box, but it will be much more difficult once you arrive at your new destination.  Pack smartly. Keep rooms together appropriately and items within the rooms together appropriately.  

For instance, if you’re in your family room and packing the items in your entertainment unit, keep those items together in one box (or however many it takes, keeping weight in mind).  Have your app or pen and paper close by so you can number the boxes and add that number to your inventory list.  

Don’t forget to label your moving boxes.  Identify the room, what’s inside the box (be brief), state whether items in the box are fragile, delineate ‘open first’ boxes so you know which boxes are needed immediately upon arrival, etc.  

Label boxes with whatever information you think is important to the safety of the boxed items and whatever will help you place and find your things quickly when you arrive.

Be sure your name and contact information are on every box!  Your boxes may be moving with other customers. Noting your name and number will help keep your items where they’re supposed to be.  If a box does get mixed up with someone else’s, they’ll be able to contact you easily if your contact information is detailed.  

Pack well for distance

Yes, you should always pack well, no matter the distance, but especially when moving long-distance.  No bubble wrap is too much.  Fragile items will be in transport and on the move for more time, which means they’re more prone to damage.

Use extra care when you pack, this will save your belongings and give you peace of mind.  

Call Road Scholars 

Packing is a huge part of your long-distance move, so doing it effectively is important.  Starting to pack early isn’t always an option.  If you don’t have the time to confidently pack your belongings, let Road Scholars do it.  We’re professionals in all things moving and packing and our team won’t let you down. Give us a call today and let’s get started. 


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