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Coffman Organization Offers On-Demand Thank You and 2 Minute Ask System for Newly Virtual Teams

Last updated Thursday, April 16, 2020 18:21 ET

The Coffman Organization (TCO) announces the release of an On-Demand Thank You and 2 Minute Ask system at no cost or obligation to help newly virtual teams in the face of Covid 19.

Highlands Ranch, USA, 04/16/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

The Coffman Organization (TCO) announces the release of Thank You and 2 Minute Ask, an on-demand system for building team energy and engagement for teams operating in the new virtual environment.   Their interactive system can be used by any team leader and is offered at no cost or obligation in honor of all the people who are learning new ways of working and living in the face of Covid 19.

“So many groups have been thrust into the virtual world and are making the best of it.  Thank You and 2 Minute Ask is a practical, engaging way to support team members, stay connected to needs and find solutions,” says Dr. Kathie Sorensen. 

The Coffman University program includes everything managers and teams need to get started now.   A link to the program can be found at www.coffmanorganization.com/university.  A special code is provided on the site, which will provide access to team leaders. 

Invite your team at 10 and discuss at noon.  The  survey takes less than 2 minutes.  Every individual receives their own report and the manager receives the team report upon demand.  

TCO has recently reported the results of their three year study of virtual and non-virtual employee attitudes across global organizations.  This research led to the creation of Thank You and 2 Minute Ask, as it cues up specific items known to be critical to virtual teams and provides a highly efficient and effective way for teams to connect, appreciate one another and discover ways to leverage their time and talent. 

The Coffman Organization, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado, has been providing Integrated Consulting Services to global organizations since 2006. Experts in all aspects of human capital management, TCO consultants help organizations build strong, engaged and productive workplace cultures, both virtual and non. For two consecutive years, TCO has been named as a top 10 Engagement Solutions Provider.