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Dallas Flexible Office Space Provider Venture X Dallas By Galleria Offers Coming Back to Work Tips

Last updated Thursday, May 21, 2020 10:58 ET

Venture X Dallas by the Galleria shares coming back to work tips and how they keep their facility a safe and healthy work environment for all of their members.

Dallas, United States, 05/21/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Dallas, TX, May 20, 2020 -- We are excited to see our members and community again! We have taken extra precautions in order to make this happen.

We have had a company disinfect and sanitize the entire space by spraying EPA registered chemicals.  Process included wetting all high frequency touched surfaces and handles, allowing it to dry for 60 seconds to kill viruses, and then wiping them down.  We will continue to keep the space disinfected and sanitized to provide you all a great workspace.

We will have regular cleaning of common and high traffic areas and hand sanitizers/Clorox wipes throughout the facility.


As we are slowly making it back into the office, we ask that you please practice social distancing in common and high traffic areas.

At this time, until June 1st, we are limiting meeting rooms to 10 people or less.

Please stay home if you have any symptoms or feel sick!

Let's all do our part in keeping our facility a safe and healthy work environment for all of our members!

Members Working Together

We are creating our own internal team of subject matter experts for all members to go to as a resource!

The areas we are currently looking into include:
•Business Strategy
•Business Plan
•Business Development/Sales
•Loan and Capital
•Financial Reporting
•Financial Advisor
•Credit Fix
•Health Care and Employee Benefits
•Digital Marketing
•Print and Marketing Collateral
•Public Relations
•Video Production
•Graphic Design
•Software/App Development
•Real Estate
•Health and Nutrition

Become a subject matter expert. 
If you want to become a subject matter expert, all you have to do is become a client at Venture X Dallas near Galleria. Become a part of a growing community of entrepreneurs. 
Contact us. 

Coworking Employment Opportunity at Venture X Dallas by Galleria 

If you like to be a part of this team, contact Phone(972) 449-5506

Flexible Parking

Please do not park in the parking area next to the Apartment’s leasing office. Also, the Venture X reserved parking on Noel St. is for your customer/clients or if you are stopping by for a few minutes. 

Media Contact: Nadim Ahmed / CEO

Address: 5301 Alpha Rd #80, Dallas, TX 75240 / Phone(972) 449-5506

Visit Venture X Dallas by the Galleria here.

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