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Chefs, Hospitality Professionals and Restaurateurs- a new reality is starting to settle in and how we are all going to get through this, pivot, adjust to the ever changing times !

Miami , 06/03/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

The new reality is starting to settle in for us all. Restaurateurs, Chefs, Managers, FOH, BOH etc we are all starting to understand that our industry and our day to day businesses have to adjust to this new working world we are living in. Change is a good thing and we just have to make conscious decisions on how we act on it, we have to stay positive and make the best out of our business lives. The right choice and proper change is not always fun or enjoyable for us. Most of us are creatures of habit. Yes, we as hospitality professionals take it personally, but that is in our nature, we have to persevere or else we will not be here. I have personally enjoyed all the social media posts about my peers and colleagues. Some of the best are- Turning a fine dining restaurant into a commissary for feeding the first responders. Turning a sit down restaurant into a "Togo or Delivery" service space,these are great examples and are amazing to see all these people not stand still. They are still producing quality, great tasting products for consumers! 

As we enter into the "New Normal" we have to try and predict what will make our patrons happy and comfortable to choose us to spend their time, money and experience with us. We have to devote a concise and proper way of staying positive during this time. I have total confidence we will accomplish many tasks over the next few months. We must act as we always do, a community that can make suggestions, communicates and assist one another in our industry. Yes  again we are in uncharted territory, but I am optimistic that good ideas, good quality food, good sourcing and great minds will see this through! 

Many Chefs I know have started personal private home based business- try them out, give them a shot, read and source them in your community. They are enjoying there craft and trying to provide quality meals and products that there community can enjoy! 

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