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Arkay embraces global momentum in zero proof spirits as consumers are becoming more health conscious

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There seem to be a lot of differences between Ben Branson and Reynald Grattagliano.

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There seem to be a lot of differences between Ben Branson and Reynald Grattagliano. Ben is the Founder of Seedlip and a staunch believer that the new alcohol-free movement is not about mimicry. Reynald, the man who built ArKay, has over 30 varieties of one to one alcohol alternatives. This may to many seem like there could be quite a lot of animosity here however in such a new market there is not room for that.

“Introducing a brand-new product on the market is not easy” says Reynald of ArKay “back in 2011 I was just trying to get people to choose to have an adult drink that had no alcohol in it. The only way I could do that was through mimicry, the whole idea was to eventually step away from that and I applaud Ben and the work he is doing with Seedlip and to take what I started to a new place.” Reynald added “We are currently working with a few people to expand well beyond our current offerings to add some very interesting products that step away from the mimicking ArKay has previously been associated with.”

Non-alcoholic mixers are growing the adult drink category to such an extent that alcohol will soon no longer be the defining quality of an adult drink. Today strong flavors with depth, richness, and some bitterness are leading the way to a world where evening can be both delicious and sober.

About Arkay Beverages

Alcohol-Free spirits are popping up everywhere today. Reynald Grattagliano, the pioneering visionary spark behind the question “is it possible to create alcohol free spirits?” says “We are looking for deep connections. Currently we connect at bars, but alcohol can keep us from connecting deeply.” Therefore, he concentrated on making wonderful drinks that could inspire community but be built on clarity.

ArKay came about due to the lack of options in the alcohol-free adult beverage market. Adults enjoy the vast flavors of alcohol, but today, less and less people are drinking. So, the question arises “what constitutes an adult drink today?” ArKay is a zero-proof beverage flavored to resemble all the alcohols you‘re familiar with, Brandy, Vodka, Rums, Gins and Whiskies of all sorts and even more. Utilizing an extract of capsaicin to create the burn and kick that is so synonymous with alcohol, ArKay is leading the way to the redefining of “Adult Drinks.”

In 2011 wine culture was growing and it was still a foregone conclusion that everyone was drinking alcohol. This was when Reynald Grattagliano introduced ArKay, the first ever alcohol-free spirit alternative to the world. In the US his product was met with ridicule and resistance. Why? Because it had never been considered, “Alcohol-Free Whisky?” No one would have thought that could be possible and new ideas are always met with resistance. ArKay, having survived those early days through the passion and determination of Reynald Grattagliano, is able to see the fruits of its labor even though the idea that was almost a decade ahead of its time.

“Today we’re hearing customers ask for alcohol-free options everywhere and juices and sodas no longer cut it.” expressed local bartender Bill Georges. “Wanting an alcohol-free option doesn’t mean they want a juice box, nor does it mean they have a problem with alcohol. It means they want something with all the flavor and complexity of a traditional alcoholic beverage and want to stay sober.”

For years ArKay looked to position themselves as an option for those who had to abstain for medical, religious, or addictive reasons. Today, ArKay is looking at the growing market it forged and is seeing that, finally, people are beginning to see the difference between a great adult beverage and alcoholic one. Those two can be the same thing but no longer have to be thanks to ArKay.

ArKay has been honing its formula and is providing a beverage that can offer an option for those open to taking it. The world is catching up and we are seeing more alcohol substitutes on the market all the time. ArKay is the grandfather of the Alcohol-Free movement. With 33 different alcohol alternatives, ArKay is the most experienced and is leading the way to the future of the alcohol-free adult beverage industry.

Behind the product is a mission to create this option. “When we create an option, where there was none previously, we open people, and thus communities, to new ideas.” Says ArKay’s founder and Vice President Reynald Grattagliano, while sipping a ArKay Rum and Cola at a café in Arandas, Jalisco where they bottle and ship products to over 180 different countries. The passion that kept Reynald going through the early years, as the rest of the world caught up, is still alive as his conversation is always looking to include the question “What other options are there?” He can see that when it comes to alcohol, although it forged the way forward with its flavors, he can now take the baton and present the world with another option as to where to get those flavors.

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